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Today 16th May 2011 the ICC Chief Prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo has just made a blunder on yet a different African nation- Libya. The Chief Prosecutor under pressure from the USA and France Ocampo has asked the Pre- Trial chamber to issue warrants of arrest for Col. Gaddafi and company for war crimes and other related crimes under international law of ICC. This is another indictment on the African Union (AU) as an organization that was formed to steer African vision. It is regrettable that this comes after we have seen how Kenya was targeted by USA and its case which had no threshold was taken up by the Chief Prosecutor of ICC on the instructions of President Obama and the USA government under Article 15 of the Rome statute.

 I have always maintained that ICC is used by the USA to wrap up tactics of regime change using falsehood and isolation of those countries that the USA wants to dismember on the African continent.  I am now vindicated by the actions of the Chief Prosecutor on through the Libyan situation, through the exposure and loopholes in the Kenyan case where Ocampo flawed investigations.

The conflict in Libya was created to benefit American oil companies and construction companies not to save civilians as stated UN resolutions 1970 and 1973.  It is now clear that USA and allies are in for a long haul in Libya as they lack an exit strategy. The Chief Prosecutor’s   request to the Pre- Trial Chamber to issue warrants on Libyan leaders after NATO and USA have failed to dislodge Col. Gaddafi for the last three “months  is a conspiracy theory that I have told my fellow African countries like Kenya and others on the radar system to watch out for”.

The political bankruptcy exhibited by the ICC Chief Prosecutor comes against the background of no proper investigations and no proof that war crimes have been committed by pro- Gaddafi forces. It also comes when no investigations on the crimes committed by Libyan rebels, NATO and its allies on a nation that had NO war for 42 years”. All these groups have also helped to maim Libyans.  How did ICC decide on the crimes and how did they evaluate the crimes since they have not travelled to all parts of Libya? “This proves the theory that a movie is in making by the ICC since no credible source can point at the crimes on the ground as NATO sources rely on cockpit images which are at times misleading”.
Two weeks ago in Rome the International contact Group on Libya decided to avail money for rebels to continue their fight against Col. Gadhafi forces in Libya. “The idea of paying money to rebel groups to fight legitimate governments that are recognized by the UN under the UN Charter sets dangerous precedent in world politics”. These actionsare done while African Union (AU) is watching helplessly. We have not heard a word of protest from (AU) on such blatant violation of international security laws and sovereignty of Libya.  African Union is watching as the situation in Libya moves towards total anarchy like in Somalia day by day.

 President Gaddafi is being indicted on “media reports and trial by western media, the usual hearsay reports of human rights abuses compiled by the same western agencies (merchants of conflicts) that thrive on conflicts in Africa and on the basis that he has defended his country called Libya from disintegration”.  It is a fact that many intelligent Africans on the continent know that Libya has been doing business with France and USA despite the past record of Human rights abuses that are allegedly being used as reason to bomb it now. Libya until few months ago was a country given respect and red carpet by the same countries notably France, USA, and above all United Nations and African Union.  In fact Col.Gaddafi paid President Sarkozy’s election bills!

African Union (AU) has now kept mum on the war that threatens to divide Libya into two parts.  The Eastern part of Libya (Tripoli) and Western Libya (Benghazi). The Eastern controlled by neo- colonial proxies or directly by Italy and France while Western Libya controlled by true African tribes that are owners of the resources that the Western countries have been dying to get hands on.

How sure are we that if this happens to Zimbabwe, Uganda or even Kenya that African Commission will stand out to defend the Charter of AU? Africans have seen a sea of double standards on Libya where resolutions 1970 and 1973 instigated; supported by oil rich Qatar autocracy; the French and USA have now extended their mandate beyond civilian protection to re-colonization of Libya and to a larger extent the rest of Africa.

The rest of Africa is not safe from the political machinations targeted against them on the pretext of defending   “the rule of law, bungled elections and human rights. Western nations are determined to divide each country in Africa so as to rule and then plunder the resources of Africa in the second phase of “re-colonization of Africa”. The 1884 partitioning of Africa is repeating itself in 2011 through back door “commercial democracy of France and its cronies on in Europe”.   There are those in Africa who might think that the wind  of Change is blowing in the right direction but I forecast  dire consequences for Africa  .

The danger of all these uprisings and ICC interventions in Africa is that, while the USA foreign policy is busy building regime change tactics in Arab world and Africa, hostile bases are forming against Israel and assembling around its borders. Cracks are beginning to emerge especially in Egypt where there   is a possibility of second uprising.  A quick look at the geo-political situation in Middle – east one finds that Hamas and Moslem Brother Hood in Egypt in the south, Hezibollah in Lebanon the west, Al- Qaida in Iraq in the east and maybe in weeks to come Hezibollah and Syria one finds an inferno created for Israel. President Obama wants to appease all sides in the Middle East but in doing so he has forgotten that he is building Arab nationalism that will swallow USA in the region.

American foreign policy makers think that by replacing Mubarak , Col. Gadafi, Assad ,with  militant Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, rebels in Libya, and another sect of militants in Damascus  they are creating  a new  dispensation in Middle – East . To the contrary my prediction is that USA policy is positioning some militant groups closer to the striking distance on Israel.

I have told the world that as long as Mr. Moreno Ocampo is still the Chief Prosecutor of ICC and being used by USA as a proxy to divide Africa, I will continue politically rebel against USA policies on Africa.  Not because I hate Ocampo personally but because I hate his style and substance on ICC cases that involve Africa. Africans and especially those Kenyans who have doubted my information on ICC and its  Chief Prosecutor can now see how USA is linked to the very nerve of their cases.   Kenya must close ICC out of their country if they are to avoid a violent end. Whichever way the case of ICC CASES GO IN Kenya in months to come that country will never be the same.

I will quote the Bible on the matter of Ocampo and ICC on Kenya cases and African Union  (AU): Acts Chapter 27 verse 13   “When  a gentle south wind began to blow , they thought they had obtained what they wanted, so they weighed anchor and sailed along the shore of Crete. Before long a wind  of hurricane force , called “north- Easter”  swept down  from the island” The story goes on that God had told the sailors  never to have  sailed out Crete. The story above  further shows how  AU and some African countries whose cases are at the ICC  have now resigned to the fact that Justice will be delivered  from The Hague through lawyers and ICC and ICC machinery.

There will never be justice from The Hague for the Kenyan Suspects or Libyan suspects   as long as President Obama is the President of USA. It is now clear that Obama intends to punish some Kenyans for their history and background. He has used the ICC Chief Prosecutor to leave chaos in Kenya when he retires “Those who have ears hear me”! Obama also wants to finish what Clinton could not achieve on Libya and several Arab countries.

 Time and time again I have told Africans  to wake up and defend their  continent from the fangs of neo- colonialism that is re- emerging  in modules  of ICC strategy of strangulation of Africa,  but as they say a “Prophet is never welcome in his own home” , I have left it to God to decide.  The syndrome of doubting Thomas has caught up with many Africa countries that are on the radar system of CIA regime change. “ Africans prefer a European academic to speak about a case like ICC  chaos in Africa   before they agree to move in  a certain direction ”. Country by country is being mutilated through sets of strategies organized in conjunction with USA and ICC.

For example the ICC cases  as a strategy (Kenya) ,  Arab spring uprisings(Libya) , walk to work ( (Uganda)  methods of opposition,   youth  empowerment programs for social unrest  (Malawi and South Africa),  Change  Mugabe  uprisings tribe against tribe  ( Zimbabwe),   remove  President  Bashir strategy( Sudan)  internal strife in Khartoum and many others that are in store for many African countries. All these will happen between 2011 - 2012. “This year will see many African countries crumble under the social commercial democracy tactic that is fueled by the USA”.

African Union (AU) has collapsed given its ineptitude in dialogue and conflict resolution .  AU has been left a useless or toothless actor in a theater of United Nations Security council and UN. AU has become “a cheer organization” while most of it’s the member states are being muzzled by USA one by one.  The lack of a coherent strategy and decision making mechanisms  by African Union will create a new Somalia in the Northern part of Africa where the Mediterranean Sea will see piracy and other related insecurity problems. African Union must have one voice on the ICC matter and push this monster called ICC out of our continent. It does not need more evidence to see where we are heading as a continent.

The ambivalent actions of ICC must be repelled and Africa must say no to the second re-colonization of the continent that is re- emerging through ICC and uprisings. Libyan situation deserves a thorough investigation so as to know who provoked who and who killed who because NATO is also killing. Until Moreno Ocampo stops guessing about the evidence of African cases as seen in the Kenyan situation he will not receive support from intelligent Africans. The flawed investigations and the amount of political pressure from the USA a non- member of ICC has killed international justice.  The hurricane that will sweep the continent will be worse that the first colonization. Let us hope AU will act and say something.


The writer is a Pan- African and conflict resolution expert

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