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Aristotle stated:  “To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character”

We have guided by the above quote and have dedicated all this work and our ability to investigate Ocampo to the suffering victims, suspects and masses of Africa who need fair and neutral justice. Africa today needs international institutions that protect their national independence and sovereignty that was gained 50 years ago. The current trends have indicated that institutions like ICC are being used to extend silent neo- colonialism to keep control on African economic, political and social reforms...

In writing this lobby letter we, have put ourselves on a sharp edge of those who seek to justify two wrongs in Africa.  There are those who think truth and justice is only determined and administered by ICC and foreign agencies on the continent. We believe and maintain that ICC cannot solve Kenya’s impunity cases that have heaped over the period of 50 years.  

It will neither bring peace nor harmony in Kenya.  It is an instrument of insecurity on the African continent that has to be censured by UN Security Council organ.  We support restorative justice for Africa and Kenya. We abhor retributive justice that will breed new violence in Kenya. It is clear that the Ocampo six shipments for trial in The Hague will spark violence on a huge scale in Kenya during the 2012 elections.

The truth that remains standing high in Africa is that no African case that has succeeded with intervention of ICC Moreno Ocampo. In most countries where ICC Chief Prosecutor has intervened he has left these countries bleeding and is still bleeding due to the long trials in The Hague. The cases and ICC methods have threatened peace in countries like, Uganda, DRC, Sudan, Central African Republic (CAR.) and now Kenya where peace has grown since 2007-2008. Kenya’s peace is being threatened as seen by the fighting that is flowing on

Any system in the world needs fatigue evaluation. That has not been done on the ICC since 1998 and must be done sooner to save the good institution of justice in the world from collapsing. There are those whose ability is to narrow the thinking of Africans on the ICC factor but the ICC has been misused in many cases. The problems that Kenya faces are ideological and cannot be solved by the ICC Chief Prosecutor’s legal findings which have turned into political witch-hunt than international justice.

The UN Security Council should value what we have written here as testimony of truth and not as criticism of the ICC. The ICC itself is a good institution and the corrupt methods of the Chief Prosecutor are the ones that we see Africa rejecting. The powers that were given to one man to decide on who should die or live have threatened international and regional peace where member states are going to be dismembered in Africa.

It is therefore our humble request that those who have other alternatives do suggest them to the UN Security Council like we have done since 2004 when the first case on Africa occurred.  We have done this not as a part of the Government of Kenya but as ardent investigators and scholar who have followed Mr. Moreno Ocampo on all cases of Africa.

Whether the UN Security Council accepts the Kenyan request for deferral r under Article 16 or not, the Kenya case will disrupt the ICC operations in Africa. The Kenyan elections of 2012 will be marred with worse violence if the Deferral is not granted for 12 months to allow the government to implement the Constitution.  A threat to peace looms in the region of East Africa and Africa at large and this should not be allowed to happen.

We have boldly stood out to be counted or to be persecuted by those systems have oppressed Africa and fear the power of the pen. Helped by institutions in USA where Ambassador Ranneberger comes from, they have diluted democracy in Africa.  USA itself refused to ratify ICC treaty yet they police African countries like Kenya to send its nationals to The Hague for trial and persecution. What moral obligation can such an Ambassador have to discuss among Africans on what to do with ICC?

We want to take this opportunity to thank the British Government that is listening to the Africa case and has done credible work on the ICC and human rights issues in Africa and their findings are not far from what we have delivered here as a lobby letter to the UN Security Council. The freedom to write is the power of God. We have no personal animosity against the Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo but his methods that have left Africa wounded and peace threatened in Kenya and the region.

 We struggled to achieve peace in Uganda and the peaceful elections in Northern Uganda are a tribute to those who struggled with us to achieve that miracle of peace which the Chief Prosecutor and USA had scuttled with his warrants of arrest and an abortive USA military strike in 2008 respectively.  This is what we detest. We hate to see our Kenyan brothers and sisters undergo the same route which Ocampo and the USA engulfed Uganda in.

 The ICC is indeed a cancer that has been injected in the fragile situation of Kenya and we must reject a politicized court where justice looks like a mirage. We have stated in our lobby letter why we have disagreed with Mr. Moreno Ocampo and why we used Kenya as the last stand point. This contribution to peace stability and justice for both victims and suspects in Africa and the world.

Thanking you in the name of peace, truth, reconciliation, dialogue and above all Justice for all.

I remain

Yours truly

David. Nyekorach-Matsanga. (PhD)

Chairman/CEO / author of lobby letter.

SPECIALIST: Political Science, History, democracy, governance, conflict resolution, Great Lakes region history, Media implication on Africa, international management and advocacy for Africa, impact of conflict.

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