For the last 13 years we have stood by the people of Zimbabwe on the debate of sanctions that were imposed on their country by the European Union and USA.  We have maintained that sanctions in any form will hurt masses and  not change the leadership of  Zimbabwe or any Africa country. Sanctions create hardships for the masses who endure the economic meltdown that we have seen in Zimbabwe in the last 13 years or so.  This Fatigue Evaluation and political assessment of Zimbabwe is a document to prove to the world that conditions of human rights and general political temperature  in Zimbabwe have improved and therefore sanctions MUST be removed.

We have also maintained that violent regime change in Africa and in most third world countries does breed further more violence. The Orange revolutions of Ukraine  can be good for countries that have middle class structures like Egypt and Tunisia and are able to harmonize the revolution. The regime change that the British and French want in Zimbabwe and Libya will only create and complicate matters for the same countries. Commercialization of democracy in Africa by the USA and France will only bring more rebellion in Africa. The Arab spring uprisings that are being sponsored by Qatar and USA are designed by the west to target those leaders that they hate in Sub- Saharan Africa and North Africa. We are aware that they have earmarked Zimbabwe as the next target after Libya but events in Zimbabwe might be different from those in Arab states of the north.

We have done this fatigue evaluation  on Zimbabwe in order to alert the world about the impending EU operations on Zimbabwe. We have done it so that history does not judge us  harshly when the French and USA unleash violence on Zimbabwe. Year by year we have told the British government to seek dialogue with President Mugabe so as to find a solution to the 1997 land crisis that was  instigated by The New Labour  Government of Tony Blair.  We have written to the British government hundreds of lobby letters asking the EU to remove sanctions and allow wider dialogue with President Mugabe to prevail  but the British Governments  have refused to listen. And instead opted for “social violent methods of regime change” on Zimbabwe.

These violent regime change tactics were to be operational in Zimbabwe in June and July 2011 but because of the networking of those opposed to the dismembering of Zimbabwe, they were called off at the last minute. We are watching day and night all actions of the EU on Zimbabwe.  We want the world to know that there will be  dire consequences if violent regime change   happens in the region. Zimbabwe is the centre of the SADC region and any military force that destabilizes it will create a spill-over to other countries.

This is one of our attempts to bring to the attention of the world, to that of the Zimbabwean government and British government in particular that, violent change and uprising being planned against Zimbabwe might bring far reaching and catastrophic implications for the South African region. The plans of hiring mercenaries, the training of illegal militia in neighboring countries and in those countries outside SADC will only add more fire to the time-bomb that is waiting in the region.

Silent diplomacy and dialogue that was started by the former South African President Thabo Mbeki must be allowed to continue to resolve the troubles of Zimbabwe without Britain instigating Arab style of uprising against the GNU or hiring dogs of war to destabilize Zimbabwe. This is the basis of this document to the world. We have decided to bring out facts on Zimbabwe to the world and reasons we believe an early election in Zimbabwe will give the winning side the overall majority to lead and make decisions so as to avert a total meltdown and further EU instigated chaos.We have made a case for elections in our document and suggested early elections as stop gap measure against further crisis in Zimbabwe.

Part one of our fatigue evaluation document has dealt with facts of history and how the British Government of Tony Blair failed to address the problems of Zimbabwe since 1997. In this part we have singled out historical facts on Zimbabwe and brought factors that have made President Mugabe a hero to his people and the rest of Africa.  We have touched on the background, the achievements of President Mugabe’s rule in aspects of, education economy, standard of living which were destroyed by imposition of sanctions from EU.

The second part of this document addresses the implications of sanctions on Zimbabwe, the performance of GNU, the economy, the political dispensation, observations and wayfoward for Zimbabwe. The west has shown little support for the GNU and has continued with regime change tactics that have frustrated the functioning of the GNU. . Their refusal to remove sanctions against Zimbabwe, the refusal to allow Zimbabwe to sell its minerals without conditions ( that are not in any conflict zone of the world), the  isolation  of President Mugabe by the EU even when he has agreed to have GNU government, is what we have EXPOSED AS DOUBLE STANDARDS OF THE WEST.  

It is imperative to note that Zimbabwe as country needs a new lease through an early election and new mandate for President Mugabe as requested by ZANU- PF so as to operate. GNU has been frustrated by the same tactics of the Western nations. It is therefore suggested that an early election to inject energy into the conflict prone GNU would save it from crashing without solutions. That is why we stand in solidarity as Africans to support the removal of sanctions.  We support President Mugabe in his efforts to unite the country under his leadership.

Finally, our suggestions and conclusions are not limited. Those who have alternative views can add on to our contribution so that we help Zimbabwe to overcome the sanctions imposed by the western nations. It is with honor that we submit our fatigue evaluation and assessment of the GNU to the world so that they can add their contribution on the way forward for Zimbabwe.

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