1.  Africa World Media (AWM) is aware that events in Libya in the last 72 hours have left many Africans on the continent shocked and speechless.  Libyans are on the streets celebrating a pre-mature victory but they don’t know who or what will replace Gaddafi after 42 years. The TNC rebels agree that Gaddafi should go but not on who should be the next leader. “Tribal, regional and class divisions could easily derail the celebrations. It is most likely that they will turn guns on each other to square it out and spur a cycle of escalating violence”. Al – Qaeda operatives armed by NATO are in charge of a country with vast resources of Oil. If Libya falls to anarchy, then it will become a breeding ground for terrorists, who gravitate to countries that are failed states and have weak and   ineffective governments like the case of Somalia and Iraq.

  2.  AWM maintains that western media like, CNN, ITN, Al- Jazeera are the ones fighting the war in Libya not the real TNC rebels. Distortion on the deaths of Libyans should be considered a crime against Humanity and journalists that have gone for sunshine in Libya be charged. They told us a hoax about Gaddafi’s son capture and in the same hotel where they were reporting he appeared again. What a shame for western media that supports violence. That is why I call upon the AU not to recognize the TNC rebels until AU knows their agenda and condemn them rebellious acts against the innocent people of Libya. African countries should issue warrants of arrest for the entire leadership of TNC that took up arms against the people of Libya. If AU allows this absurd behaviour it might be Ugandan, Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC, Sudan, Kenya, or Malawi next.

  3.  Africa world Media is scandalized by this war which began “under the pretext of protecting civilians” but in fact due to hidden economic and strategic interests in Africa and Middle – east. It is only the churches in Britain and Europe that have given voice to anti- war position but most of the so called civilized world including our own African Union has lost the moral and ethical legitimacy to condemn the self –righteous people (Europeans) of NATO. NATO always leaves yawning gaps in their exit strategy. “For AU to recognize TNC government is tantamount to suicide and will diminish the small credibility and sovereignty that AU is left with”.

  4. AWM notes with sadness that sodden Africa after 50 years of independence from colonialism. It is rather prudish, sardonic and by all imaginations a sheer scale of complacency that AU has folded its arms while NATO arms rebels in a peaceful country, facilitates the rebels, airlifts the rebels to strategic positions in Libya to overthrow by force of arms an independent state in Africa.  We shall not discuss the merits and demerits of Col. Gaddafi’s impulsive actions,  but the actions of the AU and the slow speed at which Dr Jean Ping AU Commission Chairman from (Gabon) handled the Libyan question has left and will leave huge gulf in the minds of many Pan African organizations like ours.  

  5. Did the French pay off Gabon and other countries like South Africa and Nigeria that voted for the UN resolution 1973 to dismember Libya?  AU must set up an internal commission of inquiry on how South Africa, Nigeria, and Gabon voted in the UN Security Council resolution 1973 because it looks like these countries had a deal under table. South African international Relations Minister waffling on Libya on television leaves a lot to be desired by even a blind man or illiterate person in Africa.  AU was duped by the rotating member states on the UN Security Council whose interests on Libya are now coming clear as Gaddafi falls.

  6.  AWM is very convinced that the UN Security Council resolution 1973 has shown how naïve some African nations that sit on the UN Security Council are. The case of South Africa a huge beneficiary of Gaddafi’s money on the continent during the Apartheid regime voted with its “stomach and feet” for the killing of Libya. On 22 August 2011 the South African Minister of International Relations at the press conference in Johannesburg was confused “as Judas was when he betrayed Jesus”. She could not tell the left from the right of the actions of her country that got all Gaddafi’s money for the Liberation of Anzania.  This will haunt South Africa and President Zuma forever.   “The credibility of President Zuma is badly dented by the Libyan saga that one wonders whether he could be a neutral person in any peace efforts in Africa”.

  7. The world must know that President Gaddafi had wanted Africa to be free from the dependence of US dollar.  Gaddafi initiated proposals of using a single currency of a “Golden dinar”an African currency that rivaled the European Central Bank (ECB) or EURO- ZONE.  This is the crux of the matter on Libya (Gaddafi) and not human rights abuses as alleged. Gaddafi’s petrol dollar investments in Sub- Saharan Africa were the ones that made the Libyan leader internationally, unpopular especially in the Arab world. Africans must know that Gaddafi was different from the Arab Sheiks of Qatar who invests in USA and Europe and have little to share with us despite the proximity and the Arab slave trade memories that made their kingdoms in the Gulf. Gaddafi had vision and a heart for the black Africa and his departure will not change history. Whether killed by NATO or captured by NATO funded rebels of TNC Col. Gaddafi’s name will remain a huge symbol on Black African countries.

  8. AWM notes that Arab states exploited Black Africa before the Europeans came to the continent. The case of East Africa where we were sold as slaves and no apology has been made like in the Trans – Atlantic Slave trade where Europe has apologized. It was Libya and Gaddafi a Muslim from the Arab countries who apologized to Africans for the Arab slavery that we underwent during the Arab colonization of Africa.  The way AU has allowed the destruction of Libya to happen on the continent leaves the future of African countries uncertain and the prospect of independence more ever distance.  Today is Libya tomorrow might be another state that NATO chooses!

  9. AWM is aware that there are those countries in Africa who will join the bandwagon of imperialism to celebrate the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya but we want to remind them that if “AU recognizes the TNC government of the rebels in Libya, It will be setting a bad precedent on the continent where a band of rebels will be armed by European mercenaries and they simply walk to the capitals of most African countries and overthrow government by force of arms. This will bring violence and multiply conflicts on the continent”.

  10. The creation of a Union for Mediterranean (UFM) by European member states was to counter the integration of African Union which had been advocated by AU and Gaddafi in particular. It might not have been proper for Africa which still has many obstacles towards integration but it was a step towards African Unity... Europeans tried to pry North Africa from the rest of the continent. The same UFM died before arrival and Sarkozy’s moribund ideas are now being floated by Alan Juppe after the fall of Gaddafi. As long as European Union continues to fund and dictate the way forward for African Union the continent will be stuck at the starting line.

  11. The dark clouds that now surround our continent and our organization of AU must be cleansed. AU must shrug off the shackles of imperialism and treachery that has seen Libya a peaceful country now lying in rubbles. AWM believes that it requires Africa to avoid spending time on simplicity of values and behaviours talking about justice and oral unity which any natural society gives birth to. Western nations define themselves as civilized people who have a complex value system and see Africans as primitive people with simple value system like what South Africa did at the UN Security Council.   The doctrine of neo- colonialism is being brought back slowly and willingly on Africa through our own actions as African countries.

  12. When military coups occur in Africa, AU suspends such a member state until a constitutional government is in place. “So Libya should be suspended and not recognized until we know who and what is the TNC”. The case of Madagascar where rebels took arms and removed a government is similar to Libya. What is the difference between the rebel DJ of Madagascar and the TNC men who were armed and supported by all the force of NATO to overthrow Gaddafi?   Those African heads of state that will gather in Ethiopia on Friday must know that some are on the radar system of the USA and European Union and should think twice before they vote or recognize the TNC government of Libya. Double standards have been applied on Libya from both sides and we need an internal scrutiny of the AU headquarters and those countries like South Africa, Gabon and Nigeria that voted to kill another head of state. Today is Libya tomorrow will be another AU member state with the same features. If we are wrong time will tell!   


Yours truly,

Chairman / CEO
AFRICA WORLD MEDIA (Kenya) LTD  +44(0)7930901252

The writer is a Pan- African and conflict resolution expert

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