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H.E President Jacob Zuma
President of South Africa
South Africa
26th August 2011.

Your  Excellency,


  1. Allow us to thank you for the tenacity and steadfastness that you have handled many issue of Africa since you became president of South Africa. We want your excellence to be drawn to the attention of the Libyan and Zimbabwe crisis. We have written this open letter came as a result of the complaints gathered by our research teams on the continent and from the suffering people of Libya and Zimbabwe, who have been subjected to mediocrity of double standards and your involvement in the mediation process of the two countries.

  2. Mr. President, our organization has attended two meetings on Libya on observer basis.   During these meetings, we have made our stand clear that UN resolutions1970/ 1973 that have gone beyond the mandate and merits of protecting human beings of Libya to the level of destroying the very (human beings) Libyans it was meant to protect. Despite being accredited by the same European powers as observers  our African patriotism has not been diluted by the pressure of imperialism that surrounds us in those conferences.

  3.  It is in  the London and Rome meetings where your name featured so prominently (as a person from Africa) to be relied on for the delivery of Libya to the altar of imperialism.  This has prompted us to seek some answers from you on  your role in the Libyan saga that has retarded this country to 400 years into Old Stone Age era.

  4. Mr. President, this letter should not be viewed as a personal attack on you (as the President of South Africa) but must be taken in the context of the current situation in Libya and Zimbabwe where your immerse skills and statesmanship were mandated by SADC and AU. We are merely seeking clarification from you on how you reached the decision of voting for bombardment of Libya under UN resolution 1973.  Furthermore we want to seek assurances from you  that you will not destabilize Zimbabwe like you have done on Libyan. We are concerned that our beloved Zimbabwe that we have defended against all forms of international isolation might fall a victim of the same tactics deployed on Libya.

  5. Mr. President, it is now visible by many Africans on the continent that you and to a larger extent unknowing citizens of South Africa, (whom you represent as a Head of state) have stoked the Libyan dialogue process and  applied double standards on the Libyan and Zimbabwe crisis.  Those nations who hosted you and huge numbers ANC refugees during the apartheid era in East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa and West Africa are very shocked about your actions.  Millions of Africans who sweated hard to contribute money and whose burden of Liberation of Azania (South Africa) was on their shoulders are dismayed by your actions on Libya.

  6.  Mr. President, during the debate on Libya six months ago in the UN Security Council, your nation by virtue of being a non- permanent member of the UN Security Council representing Africa voted for UN resolution 1973 against the wishes of AU.  This resolution has been misused by NATO and USA on the Libyan people and your answers to the questions about your morality and personal conscience on the Libyan crisis have not convinced some of us who see this nation bleeding today. It would be prudish for us on the continent to pretend that we admire you and South Africa as a leading country on the continent, whose biggest economy makes African continent proud, when your actions of double standards are creating fault lines and crevices for the entire African Union. (AU).  

  7. It is in this context that people of Africa are questioning your moral obligation as liberator or your leadership of African people in the international agencies like UN. Many Africans we have come across are wondering why South Africa which gained a lot from President Gaddafi of Libya in terms of material and financial support decided to kill and dismember the same hand that fed ANC in the struggle against apartheid.  There are questions that need answers regarding Libya and Zimbabwe. How, when and in which time frame did you as a leader of South Africa  become convinced that Gaddafi  and President Mugabe are bad for democracy in Africa?

  8. Mr.  President, many Africans that have seen your double standards on Libya are very scared about your (negative) contribution to Zimbabwe peace efforts and about your role as a mediator between MDC- T, MDC – M and ZANU- PF.  Many supporters and lover of President Mugabe and Zimbabwe like myself,  are becoming increasingly very perturbed by the statements that you have issued against the Zimbabwe road map” that your predecessor President Thabo Mbeki hammered for the people of Zimbabwe. The press briefing in Pretoria on 18th July 2011 spoke volumes on the undercurrents flowing under the Limpopo River against Zimbabwe and on President Mugabe. If the body language on that day of the press conference was to be taken in context, then revelations by Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain on Libya and your involvement must have embarrassed you and your friends in ANC.  The noble case in good politics is in the world is to step aside from any mediation efforts of conflict in Africa. The people of Africa have no confidencein you anymore.

  9. Mr. President, more than anything else, the foregoing implications illustrates the kind of analytical political confusion that has arisen from the nebulous use of the word liberator, traitor sellout, imperial conduit or misrepresentation of Africa. We are aware that transient and circumstantial,  as it  is usually,  is invariably  an outcome of desperate  commercial  ventures and democracy  of  deceit  that may have forced you to instruct the South African envoy at the UN to vote with  USA and other countries to dismember Libya .

  10. Mr.  President, history has taught us that many Africans  would not have identified themselves as such or even known that they were identified as such until the  conflict  of Libya  and crisis of Zimbabwe began to single them out as real Africans to be persecuted and murdered by the imperial machines that are against Africa. Africans now know to what extent imperialism and neo- colonialism can go with leadership like yours that waffles against the AU charter whose founding fathers labored to write out in 1963. “We now know the level of hypocrisy and deceit that comes with the other hand of mercantile capitalism that has killed African nationalism on the continent. This indeed is in plenty in your household of your Presidency”.

  11. Mr.  President, you are mediating the Zimbabwe crisis with double strategies.  You were mandated by SADC to try and ask for sanctions to be removed by the Western nations. But the evidence from the meeting you had in Pretoria with British Prime Minister points to something else that has been relayed to us in London. You are on record for having told the British Prime Minister that you had been frustrated by President Mugabe’s attitude at the negotiations. Which again casts doubt as to whether the same message was given to British Prime Minister about the MDC-T conduct at the negotiations?   Apparently the MDC- T flew into South Africa to have lunch and meetings with the British Prime Minister on his shuttle diplomacy trip in Pretoria and none of ZANU- PF negotiators were invited! Is this not double standards Mr. President? On the surface of it you have followed the road map that the gallant son of Africa Thabo Mbeki prepared in the 2008 and 2009 and on the under surface you seem to agree with the British Prime Minister for a violent regime change if ZANU- PF and President Mugabe do not follow a road map laid down by imperial machines in London and Washington DC. What is your exact position on Zimbabwe?

  12. Mr. President, the Libyan crisis has now entered sixth month and there seem to be no end to the destruction of the infrastructure. The British have now admitted that Al-Qaeda is involved in the fight against Gaddafi, what is your take on this? Given the body the language that you used at that time is the same that you are using now, how do we then solve the crisis that you fermented at the UN Security Council and how does Africa come to terms with the loss of hundreds of Libyans through the NATO bombings ? Red carpets can be rolled out for you but the bad perception against you by many Africans on the continent on the Libyan and Zimbabwe crisis has not changed. You have to redeem yourself by asserting authority and by creating conditions for dialogue on the Libyan issue if history is to forgive you.

  13. Mr. President, whether Gaddafi is killed by the NATO bombs  or he survives the same  onslaught and seeks  exile elsewhere , the crisis that you created in supporting western countries to dismember Libya will haunt your leadership and those who support you in South Africa for years to come.  Africa will not forgive you The Young generation in ANC and most   South Africans that value the liberation of South Africa from apartheid era must rise up and challenge your actions that have embarrassed the giant of Africa. The AU must stand up and be counted on Libyan crisis. Those countries that have defied AU charter like South Africa must be reprimanded by the AU so that future decisions like the one on  the Libyan  question  does not repeat itself.

  14.  Mr. President, by copies of this letter to African Union (AU) we are humbly requesting the Chairman of the  (AU) Commission Dr. Jean Ping “to interpret for us  your role and  position on the Libya (AU) contact group  that now stands “suspect” given the revelations of commercial interest you have in  the Libyan war. We are forwarding this letter widely so that millions of Africans can see the sea of your double standards and bad acts on Libya and Zimbabwe.  We shall forward the first round of letters and documents to the Government of Zimbabwe and to President Mugabe about the double standards that you have exhibited as a mediator of their crisis and leave it to them to make their own conclusion.  It is up to Zimbabweans to continue with you as their mediator but millions of Africans have no faith in whatever you do on behalf of SADC or AU.

  15. Mr. President, lastly we believe we have done a moral obligation to alert Africans on the role played by South Africa in the Libyan crisis. We have laid facts naked for the world to judge us. We are not an investigative arm for the people of Zimbabwe or Libya but African patriots who believe that UN resolution 1973 that was followed by ICC arrest warrants on Gaddafi will not bring peace to the region. We see our footprints in the continent as a positive force to send a wakeup call to some of Africans who belong to different world of mercantile imperialism.  

  16.  Mr. President, we have alerted Zimbabweans on this matter because most of them might fear to confront you as strong leader from the South. But our role as patriotic Africans based in the abyss of imperialism is to educate other Africans about the bad, the good and the ugly players in African governance. Those who have ears in the government of Zimbabwe must rise up and demand answers from their mediator “before the first cock crowsas the Bible says. The government of Zimbabwe must not shy away from asking as to whether your credibility as a mediator on Zimbabwe crisis is not dented with the current relationship with imperial powers that want to eat and destroy Africa?  Time is not on the side of the President of Zimbabwe whose country has been slotted on the radar as the next for violent regime change after Gaddafi and Libya!

Thanking you in advance,

David Nyekorach- Matsanga (PhD)
For and on behalf of Africa World Media Ltd (UK),
+44(0)7930901252, +44(0)7969155446,, skype address:  nyekorach 1

  1. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the Government of Zimbabwe(Harare),
  2. AU recognized Libya and President Gaddafi (Tripoli)
  3. AU chairman of the  Commission Dr. Jean Ping (Ethiopia)
  4. SADAC Secretariat President of Namibia.
  5. All member countries of (AU) contact group on Libya.
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