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HE Y.K.Museveni
President of the republic of Uganda
State House
17th August 2011


Your  Excellency ,


1. Mr. President, we thank you again for your efforts in trying to  resolve the Libyan crisis as one of those African  leaders  tasked to engage the Libyan leader and people in finding a solution on the NATO instigated violence on what was a peaceful country in Africa. The African Union has tried to seek peace for Libya with no avail. The AU peace Contact Group on Libya ( that includes  Uganda) seems to have hit a “concrete wall” after the main sponsors of resolution 1973 (France and USA) made it difficult for a dialogue and peace to proceed in Libya. 


2. Mr. President, while attending a well (organized and attended) African Leadership Conference in Mombasa Kenya between 2nd and 5th August 2011, the matter of Libya and double standards of the western countries  on Africa was at the centre of debate on the second day of that conference. General Obasanjo the former President of  African populous nation  Nigeria ( African nation on the UN Security council that voted for destruction of Libya) voiced his concerns on Africa’s handling of the Libya crisis and the manner in which former President Mubarak  of Egypt was displayed in cage like an animal which is a taboo in Europe. But seen as a film for Africa through the western media. Former South African President Thabo Mbeki  whose country  is also  a member of the Africa Contact Group on Libya , and  voted on the UN Security council for resolution 1973 was present.  In my short conversation  separately with both General Obasanjo and President Mbeki  and the Vice- Chairman of AU in Mombasa I  briefly raised the short comings of AU  on  Libya and conflicts in Africa.  I promised to write my findings and my position on Libya. 


I am a Ugandan and  Pan – African  who has stood out against violent regime change in Libya,  Zimbabwe and any  other form of violence against Africa , I have decided to drop this note to you, aware that we share similar views on Libya and other western instigated   chaos  on Africa like “ICC mirage on Kenya”, and other forms of regime change including “Walk to work” tactics in Uganda and  the proposed “Africa winter “ on Zimbabwe.


3. Mr. President, on August 25th 2011 African Heads of state will gather in Addis Ababa for the special summit and I believe Libya will be at the top of agenda like the situation in the Horn Africa.  That is why we have decided to add a voice to those that have expressed the same concerns on the violation of UN Security Council resolution 1973 by NATO and its allies like Qatar.  It is now evident that Libya might become another Somalia in the North of our continent of Africa and urgent measures have to  be found to stop that country sliding into total anarchy.


4.  As we write to you NATO continues to support Jihadists (terrorists) in Libya to overthrow President Gaddafi violently. The last six months has seen over 50 rebel groups formed in Libya to dismember a country that was peaceful with clean water and housing to its people in the (Desert of Sahara). In fact the standard of living in Libya was envy to many nations in the Western Hemisphere like France where its nationals still sleep in the streets of Paris  in cardboards.  The economic  bankruptcy of these countries in the West forced them to attack Libya. (collapsed Euro – Zone mechanism that has left a “social time bomb” like the one we saw in Britain  and USA deficit of 14.3 trillion).


5. Mr. President, as a peaceful organization  of Africa World Media Ltd based in UK (AWM)  we have written against the NATO military intervention since the beginning of the bombardment.  “We now  see signs of an eventual violent fall of the Libyan leader in months to come. President Gaddafi has cried out for help from AU and from many African leaders but it has not come”. Some of the African countries have voted with the Western nations in the UN Security Council to dismantle Libya.  It is time for Africans to stand  up for the Unity that formed Organization of African Unity (OAU)  in 1963 now renamed (AU) and challenge the mandate of resolution 1973 which has been misused by NATO countries. 


6. Mr. President, we have tried to lobby and rally African Union(AU) on this matter and we have seen cold response and  NO  change in that direction. We see the eminent collapse of the Libyan state and nation into the hands of several Jihadist operatives who will in turn eat the same Western nations in years to come. Each of these groups will pose a threat to the only route to the Far East via the Suez Canal. The west is also  stationing enemies for Israel around the Middle- East. Most of the European countries that are bombing Libya  are consumed in anger  and have been engulfed or blinded by  political amnesia that  stops them from seeing the danger of piracy infested Mediterranean sea in one year to come  ahead.


7. We note with great disappointment that AU has little to do now but prepare for the post chaotic Libya given the frustration from France and USA.  The first challenge for Africa Union (AU) in Libya will be security. Failure to maintain public order is what got USA in trouble in Somalia in 1991 where our troops are fighting Al- Shabaab terrorists.   The USA after creating the current status in Somalia left without looking back because they had no strategy on Somalia just as they have no exit strategy on Libya. NATO in Afghanistan has had the same sickness since they entered that nation. The endless war in Libya therefore  poses a great challenge to the Unity of African Union.


8. Mr. President, in Iraq the USA has failed to create security with the Saddam Hussein’s stay behind operation that stirred civic unrest and destroyed government buildings and has left that nation bleeding up to day. Iraq continues to have daily attacks from terrorists that are NOT linked to Saddam but just hate USA policies. We believe that after violent removal of President Gaddafi by NATO there will be forces that will stage attacks on USA and western allies that have nothing to do with President Gaddafi badness OR goodness


9. At the beginning of this conflict my organization that has attended most of Libyan  International Contact Group (LICG) meetings in Europe,  wrote widely to African Union and supported your peaceful position on Libya(refer to  my  letter  in support of your earlier stand on Libya on  25th March 2011 published in Uganda New Vision Opinion column ). We suggested and maintained that wider dialogue would have helped to maintain peace in  the Mediterranean region . We still maintain that Arab Spring will never bring security in the North Africa or in the Middle – East. It is now clear that the answer to Libya’s invasion lies in the spoils of war which are  more attractive USA  than in Syria that has the same Arab spring fever”!


10. The murder in Libya last month of the overall rebel commander is a real reminder that internecine warfare among the more than 50 rebel militias is a real possibility.  The removal of President Gaddafi by force in Libya is a bad precedent for Africa. African Union (AU) must stand up and protest against the manipulation of resolution 1973 where NATO is instead helping Jihadists and terrorists (see the  London Guardian newspaper article of admission by British Defence Secretary Liam Fox that they have supported Al- Qaeda (Jihadist) in  Libya) to remove a government that was recognized by the African Union charter (AU) and United Nations Charter (UN).


11. The insecurity that that NATO forces will leave behind will be felt by African Union. People who have lost family relatives and tribal members in the conflict may seek to settle scores militarily. Former regime elements may seek to defend themselves and to privatize” state assets in Libya which will make it impossible to have a state of Libya as one nation. Criminals will see opportunities to traffic in arms, drugs and even human trafficking  in the Mediterranean Sea and entire North Africa.  Pirates will hijack ships for ransom in the waters of Mediterranean Sea like what is in Indian Ocean . This is the Libya and the Mediterranean region  we shall see after President Gaddafi has been violently removed from power.


12. Mr. President, the humanitarian challenges of Libya will be the same as those of Somalia today and will be no less daunting. Fighting has displaced at least half a million Libyans from their homes. Perhaps half of those are still in Libya, and many who are not will seek to return quickly once President Gaddafi is removed violently from power. Food, water, shelter and health services need to be secured for the most vulnerable in Libya. In addition, keeping water and electricity flowing to the residents of Tripoli and other major urban centers will be vital to maintaining public order, especially if President Gaddafi is violently removed this summer.


13. African Union interests in Libya are not limited to watching from the fence. Libya is a member state of African Union and for AU to fold their hands as they watch in disbelief  one member state being brought down by western hegemony is a shame for AU. The best the AU can do given the unwillingness of NATO to allow a dialogue is to alternatively encourage a successful peaceful transition in Libya.  One which creates a united, stable, more open government and accepted by Libyans themselves with future of President Gaddafi discussed unconditionally .  This must not be dictated by Obama (USA) or Sarkozy (France) or David Cameroon (Britain)”.


14. Mr. President, the AU authority has a diminished on conflicts in Africa. Your efforts to bring more life in the AU on Libya would be seen in the region and more widely as a credit to African Union –led peaceful intervention in Libya crisis. It would also enable Libya to resume oil and gas exports, demonstrate the African Union’s capacity to manage such conflicts, transitions and encourage positive outcomes to other Arab Spring affected countries like Egypt and Tunisia that are facing second  round of rebellions now. If Libya falls to pieces without African Union making such a stand the organization (AU) will  be viewed as an organization that has no legitimacy and relevance to Africans on the Continent.


15. We warn  African countries that  failure  by African Union to stabilize Libya  could lead to chaos, breakup of the Libyan state that sets an unwelcome precedent elsewhere in Africa and especially in countries  that are on the USA and European Union radar (systems  like  Zimbabwe( Africa Winter- AF), Uganda (Walk to Work- WW),  Eritrea(Terror Walk -TW) , Sudan(Sharia Change -SC) , Kenya (China Chess Game -CCG ) and  Malawi (Foreign Aid Cut- FAC). (These are codes the west has given to the Social movements in these African countries). These outcomes would all damage African Union credibility and also likely to cause major problems for our Pan African dream.


16. Mr. President, it is therefore the duty of the African Union, along with the good countries of Arab League, who should take the lead in stabilization of Libya, under a clear African Union mandate that recognizes a legitimate Libyan authority and sets out strategic goals for the smooth and peaceful transition in Libya. The goals should include a united and sovereign Libya within its well-established borders that can sustain, govern, and defend itself through inclusive democratic institutions, using Libya’s resources transparently and stopping the looting of Libyan resources by the western countries namely France and USA.


17. An urgent look at the deployment of an African peacekeeping force of several thousand paramilitary police, to keep order would help ensure these goals are met. If we delay we shall create a political vacuum which breeds more violence in the  western instigated conflicts like those of Libya.  The African Union and its member states can now prepare and have a standby force to deploy several hundred paramilitaries in Libya to ensure that peace prevails because NATO will not send in boots for fear on Arab nationalism that will turn on them soon.  AU is always very slow in preparation of such missions on Africa. The example of Somalia where some countries in Africa  promised troops for Somalia but have not even sent any single soldier to Mogadishu. 


18. This will ensure that no European nation does any peacekeeping operation in Libya and administer Libyan oil that they are looting on a daily basis. What if this does not work?  AU will need to be prepared to step in to stem off European re-colonization of Africa by recognizing the Libyan Government of Gaddafi to send a clear message to USA and its allies that we tough.  This will give  the ailing  former President Mandela South Africa  a gift of the year to see Libya  that helped in the fight against apartheid restored to normality”


19. These indigenous institutions merit nurturing and support, including unfreezing of Libyan assets by USA and European Union   so that Libyans can meet the needs of their populations. Libya is a resource-rich country with a relatively well-educated citizenry that has demonstrated courage under NATO fire.  President Gaddafi has united Libya for 42 years and he must be talked to so that he takes part in the  NEW transition of his country. Those who want to exclude him will also exclude other Presidents like you on the continent in future not to have any say in what they have achieved during their tenure of office.


20. Libya as a country still has institutions and political experience, talent and commitment that President Gaddafi brought through the Green Revolution and can pick up the pieces and rebuild with the help of AU. The African Union should prepare to support Libyan Government of President Gaddafi in its efforts to take charge of the country’s destiny and shun from following Western countries that have economic interests in Libya.


21. Mr. President, lastly  we request through you to other Heads of State in Africa who will attend the special summit in Addis Ababa on 25th August 2011   that  the AU  revisits  the debate on the Libyan crisis and  sends unequivocal  message  to the  UN Security Council to review  the mandate and the limits of resolution 1973  that  has  been misused by NATO. AU must therefore demand a fresh debate on the floor of the UN Security Council where African states and other friends can assess the effects of the resolution 1973 that has now overstepped the mark into regime change instead of Humanitarian protection.


 Long live Africa


Thanking in advance

Yours truly,

Chairman / CEO
AFRICA WORLD MEDIA (Kenya) LTD  +44(0)7930901252


  1. Chairman African Union Commission (for all member countries).
  2. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe(circulation to SDAC)
  3. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa.
  4. President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania.
  5. President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya.( Attention Hon Ali  Chirau Makwere Kenya’s Minister for Trade)
  6. President Omar Bashir Sudan.
  7. President Salva Kirr of RSS Juba (Attention Vice President  RSS Dr. Riek Machar)
  8. The UN Secretary General New York
  9. The Arab League Secretary General Cairo.
  10. British Foreign&Commonwealth office (Hon. H. Bellingham Minister for Africa)
  11. State Department ( Dr. Louis T. Manarin USA Embassy Kampala Uganda)
  12.  Former South African  President Thabo Mbeki.
  13.  Former  Nigerian President General Obasanjo.
  14.  Hon. Sam  Kutesa  Foreign Minister of Uganda
  15.  H.E Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda (Uganda’s Minister for ICT and former UN SC  rep for Uganda),
  16. HE Ambassador Patrick Wamoto , (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya Government  for attention of IGAD )
  17.  Mr. Ayodele Aderinwale(African Leadership Forum)
  18. Prof. Georges Nzongola- Ntalanja University of North Carolina USA.

The writer is a Pan- African and conflict resolution expert

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