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The.  Rt.  Hon. David Cameron
British Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
Whitehall   England
14th November 2010

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister,

Allow me on behalf of Africa World Media Ltd a British based Think Tank on Africa to greet you and thank you for your tenacity and steadfastness that you have exhibited during the last few months you have been in power as the Prime Minister of this great country of UK. The Grand Coalition that you head is new setting in British politics but with the same vision for a better Britain that sees beyond the political amnesia of the previous labour government.
Most of us who had since 1997 lobbied for Zimbabwe abroad were relieved that a new dawn of hope had come for the people of Zimbabwe with the formation of Grand Coalition government in 2010 in Britain. We had hoped that a holistic approach on the sanction’s policy against Zimbabwe and a total lifting of any other embargoes against this nation would have come sooner than later. But to our total dismay and frustration this has not come as anticipated and therefore this has energized Africa World Media Ltd  renewed  pressure and lobby.

The Labour Governments of the former Prime Ministers, Rt. Hon Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had misguided foreign policy that created crevices and fault lines in Zimbabwe’s political, economic, social and international standing.   The obnoxious and ugly sanctions against Zimbabwe have hurt the ordinary masses of Zimbabwe and also denied the British companies investment opportunities Zimbabwe.

In turn the Chinese government and other investors have overtaken UK in terms of trading and investment with Africa and especially those countries where Britain erred on foreign policy. These type of  wrong foreign policies have been felt back in Britain in economic terms where the country,  once a pride and leader on  the world stage has been reduced to a mere onlooker on  international scene  while other nations in the world like China stand high in the eyes of African nations. This has to change. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, the Zimbabwe people have been besieged by sanctions but this has not helped in any regime changing of the government of Zimbabwe or removing President Mugabe as predicted by Britain and others.  It is on record that sanctions were put there to force President         
Mugabe out of power violently via internal and external proxies. But to the contrary this has not worked and the resilient people of Zimbabwe have stood by their leadership. So what next does Britain do as a country when the people of Zimbabwe and Africa in general love President Mugabe who has helped in “reconciliation efforts after   the late Ian Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) in that country”?

Rt. Hon Prime Minister, it is therefore counterproductive to continue with the same policy against Zimbabwe when there is a new dispensation in that country today.   The architects of these sanctions have continued using data from the same international agencies like Global witness, Human Rights watch, and other groups whose so called experts have helped to dismember many countries in Africa. (Somalia, DRC, Liberia). They claim to know much about Africa while relying on “low caliber research” obtained from talk shops in Africa.  

Zimbabwe as a nation has suffered distortion, misinterpretation, and demonization, created by the previous Labour government and its international proxy agencies. The Media in the western countries has built bridges where there were rivers about Zimbabwe. Former Prime Ministers Margret Thatcher and John Major Conservative governments helped to mould Zimbabwe from the ruins of war to a modern African state on the continent.  From 1980-1997, Zimbabwe prospered and then a calamity came in 1997 with new labour coming to power. They killed a prosperous African country due to little knowledge on the history of Zimbabwe struggle and land skewed policies and many injustices.

Rt. Hon.  Prime Minister, your Government has a duty to change the wrongs of the labour government by annulling some of the wrong policies that have created conflicts in Africa and the third world. The current government uniqueness must be seen in action oriented than rhetoric maneuvers that only serve to increase the suffering of Zimbabweans. I believe you want to leave legacy by re-engaging Zimbabwe on all fronts and admitting that they have government headed by an elected President.

Africa world Media Ltd is aware that a bilateral matter of land was blown out of proportion by the Labour government (see Hon. Clare Short letter on Zimbabwe attached) that escalated into the political fracas that we have today.  Therefore “a broad dialogue strategy” must be initiated urgently to save   and undo the Labour strategy   on Zimbabwe. A coherent Grand Coalition policy “of containment rather isolation” must be found to allow Zimbabwe inclusive government to deliver the promise of a better Zimbabwe.

The inclusive government of Zimbabwe (ZANU-PF. MDC-T, MDC-M) has made tremendous efforts in addressing the difficulties that were created by the then British Labour government and they deserve the support of the international community in combating all the remaining small obstacles that can be used by the internal leverage of the people of Zimbabwe without outside pressure of “regime change mechanisms”.

Africa World Media Ltd believes that there are many countries in Africa with worse human rights records, where elections are stolen, where rule law has become jungle law, where corruption has eaten the moral fabric of the nations, but Britain is still doing business with them without sanctions. Why has Zimbabwe with a good record of holding frequent elections without military coups has been targeted and singled out?

Africa World Media Ltd is writing to you as a lobby group with the view that an immediate and unconditional strategy is coined on high levels basis by both countries to remove all sanctions against Zimbabwe and allow the leadership of this great country to freely engage with others in Europe on finding a long lasting economic, political, and social destiny for Zimbabweans. We note that forced or outside regime change tactics using sanctions and any other under hands methods will only add to the agony and anguish of the masses of Zimbabwe.

African World Media Ltd has evidence that the British government is trying hard to implement a divide and rule mechanism “with the help of some ministers in the inclusive government” to create diversionary  and imaginary conditions against the people of Zimbabwe through sanction by “using internal traitor gangs to create conflict leading to apprehension against President Mugabe” . This method    could spark civil strife that we see in other African countries. All these tactics are bedrock of Old Stone Age politics that has no relevance on Zimbabwe today.

We request Rt. Hon. Prime Minister to directly confront the monster called sanctions and other embargoes than wasting vast British tax payer’s money and other resources in applying archaic tactics of sanctions and violent regime change.  Sanctions in Africa cannot change regime because there is no huge middle class. They don’t bite the leadership of any third world country but the masses and in the case of Zimbabwe the people have spoken that they will retain their war Hero – President Mugabe.

Thanking you in advance
I remain yours truly

Chairman/ CEO
www.africaworldmedia.com.  +44(0)7930901252

1. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Hon. William Hague.
2.  HE Ambassador Gabriel .M. Machinga of Zimbabwe in UK (for all SADC, AU).




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