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For the last 5 months I have maintained that the ICC Chief Prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo did not investigate the Kenyan cases that were taken to The Hague. I have also gone on international TV stations to tell the world that the Kenyan cases did not merit ICC intervention. This is because Article 15 of the Rome statute of 1998 did not find Kenya as a failed state, where the chief Prosecutor “walked to work” without a permit but by invoking Article 15 wrongly.

I have also told the world and Kenyans in particular that the Kenyan case is politically motivated from Washington DC. It is a case where the current USA administration wants to hold “some people in Kenya accountable for the past impunity matters “that are not under the microscope of the current ICC mandate. I have personally followed and researched on state department’s operations on Kenya and there is clear evidence that there is undue influence coming from USA on the Kenyan case.  I have maintained that the Kenyan case was and is still a bungled case in the eyes of any international justice and does not meet the threshold and standards of ICC.   Those “who have ears hear “and those who ignore can ignore at their own peril!

At first many Kenyans who are linked to international NGOs questioned my rationale and wondered why I had passionately asked the world, especially the UN Security Council to censure Moreno Ocampo on African cases. The current trends in The Hague vindicate me and the end result of these cases is clear.  I have now been proved right. Those who doubted my statements wrote hollow and shallow articles against me in the Kenyan media and press can now humbly eat their sour pie as my predictions are slowly emerging to be true. The NGO linkman Moreno Ocampo in his bid to leave a legacy behind when he retires in 2012 bungled the Kenyan cases and has failed international justice for the victims of PEV.  

Osama Bin Laden’s death might have overshadowed reporting on ICC in the international media, but case by case and appeal by appeal in the same court of ICC that upheld that there were reasonable grounds for ICC to handle the Kenyan cases are falling to pieces in front of the same Judges! The Judges have now discovered that Moreno Ocampo told lies to the Chambers when he said he had completed his investigations in December 2010.  The Judges were shocked to hear the Chief Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo openly saying that he needed 421 days to be able to merely give the defence materials for the case!

What  has shocked the  Pre- Trial  Chamber Judges including the Lady Judge who sided with Ocampo in issuing summonses  to six  Kenyans to appear in The Hague is the level of  “doctoring , sexing, and pasting “of evidence from Wake Report and that of the KNHRC  whose evidence is seriously flawed and  can stand no scrutiny  in the eyes of international  fair justice where the defence has hired tough lawyers.

For a Chief prosecutor who spent over $2.5 million dollars on bungled and flawed investigations where he sat in Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi and other tourist areas and pasted instead of investigating the facts on the ground, things have reached a climax. It is also good news that the Tourism industry in Kenya gained from the ICC saga by the group   enjoying the good Tropical sunshine of Kenya.  The Judges in the ICC are shocked that not even a single group interviewed the survivors of the victims of the PEV in Kenya but simply took notes of the already discredited reports!

It has emerged that young university graduates from former communist failed states of central Europe whose history on Kenya and Africa is doubted were recruited at a low cost to save the money that had been earmarked for the Kenyan investigations. Sources inside the ICC indicate that some of them thought that they had gone to Cairo or Cape Town as they did not see the distance between “proper investigations and Social media face book operations”that were used to paste the Kenyan case.

The truth has come to haunt ICC and has put Moreno Ocampo on an international radar system of mass deception.  There are those who have waged an endless war against some of us who have been outspoken against Moreno Ocampo on Kenyan cases.  What has baffled me is that the same agents of NGOs and USA hegemony on Africa have now kept silent as the latest revelations rocks the ICC Prosecution in The Hague. Moreno Ocampo‘s political route in the Kenyan cases will divide Kenya and create unnecessary conflict. It must be brought to an end now.
The NGOs in Kenya and Africa must work for the betterment of the continent not the destruction of the continent through regime change tactics that we see in many Arab countries.  NGOs in Africa should be regularized and strictly monitored by governments because some of them are doing negative job s on their mother countries.  There are those whose intentions are to side with outsiders from developed countries to kill the little democracy that we have in Africa. They compile wrong dossiers for foreign diplomats and give Kenya and Africa a wrong image.

Kenya must break the ground by setting up a special Division of the High Court within the constitutional frame work of their new constitution so as to avoid any attempts by Moreno Ocampo to come back to Kenya for this case.  The Judges at The Hague have now seen the dangers of flawed investigations and are most likely to agree with most of us who have all along said the case was bungled. A redemption strategy must be in place in order to solve the outstanding questions of admissibility and expose the malaise that Ocampo created against the state of Kenya.
Kenya must stand together with African Union (AU) to reject false prescription imposed on Africa by ICC. Africa must set its own Court since most of the actions of USA and UN Security Council are less of “movies made from Hollywood California”.  The only way to save Africa and to create a rebirth is to stand united at all times. Africa must check excessive internationalism that is killing the world today.  As I will continue to maintain that investigations in Kenyan cases were flawed. The earlier the Chief Prosecutor admitted the better for the credibility of ICC international justice

By David Nyekorach- Matsanga




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