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The President of Uganda
HE President Y. K. Museveni
State House
19th September 2010
Your Excellency,

Mr. President, When  I  read  the article written by Major  Barigye  the AMISOM spokesperson  in the New vision newspaper of Uganda   dated  6th July 2010 on  Somalia( entitled: We can end the war in Somalia)    I was touched as a Ugandan and  as  an African peace lover that I decided to stand up and be counted by writing to you on Somalia.  I indeed agree with Major Barigye on his timely call that the war must come to an end.  The pitiful situation that AMISON finds itself in Somalia must be discussed openly without fear or favour .The gruesome spectacle we see in Somalia must come to an end now.   I also believe that we do not need an expert from Mars to tell us that the conflict in Somalia is different in that it is “a forgotten conflict by the western democracies yet it could be resolved if they were (USA) serious partners of peace  Another truth emerging from Somalia is the nature of distortion which our docile and erratic media have heaped at the doorsteps of Somalia.  I agree with Major Barigye that those in the theater of operation have equally distorted facts using the media as a source of strength, instead of using it to resolve the conflict that has destroyed Somalia and killed more than 3,000 people and displaced over 270,000 people in Mogadishu alone.
Mr. President,  I felt touched as a Ugandan peace lover and one of those  who knows  how conflicts manifest into terrible wars like the case of Afghanistan and Iraq. I felt that a new vulnerability is making its self felt on the Somalia conflict and on our troops in Somalia. The AMISOM spokesman Major Barigye just magnified the same story of Somalia without giving possibilities of ending the conflict peacefully as peace keepers sent to Somalia under AU mandate.  The blame game would not have helped us in Ugandan case of Kony and LRA if we did not put our differences apart and resolved the Northern Uganda conflict. The same can be done on Somalia with moderates who are willing to discuss the destiny.  There is more needed to arrest t worsening   situation in Somalia than just drooling about the matter without alternative solutions.  Hon.  Moses Wetangula Kenya Minister of Foreign Affairs was on television on 17th September 2010 from New York pleading to the international community for $500,000, 000 million to stabilize Somalia.  I felt touched as a Ugandan and East African in the Diaspora who is able to do something for Somalia. Indeed there are governments in the world that have approached some of us and are willing to mobilize and contribute that kind of money.  What they need is “authority with possibilities of coherent alternatives to war” and permission to do so from key players likes Uganda and IGAD. It is now crystal clear that the USA has failed to honor its pledges to Somalia and it will not honor them in the near future. Africa with the help of friends must rise up and restore peace in Somalia by agreeing on a formula of peace.
 Mr. President, it is now clear from the analysis that what AMISOM Spokesman Major Barigye has provided and plenty of other evidence from different researchers on Somalia, that our country Uganda has been sucked into “a vortex that has all ingredients of a soap opera” where the UN, USA and AU have played a hide and seek game on each other on the conflict of Somalia. The USA has again done another error on Somalia` just as it miscalculated in the 1990s on this nation and has failed to stand up at the hour of need regarding many conflicts in Africa. (I can proudly mention many cases on the continent as seen by the UN leaked report that I have in custody and will come out on 1st October2010). When Ethiopians were hurriedly told by the USA to remove the then Islamic Union Courts headed by the current President Sheikh Sharif   it was the same story.  The USA never gave a strong commitment for logistics and left Ethiopians in a middle of a burning fire in Somalia. The current surge in fighting and violence in Somalia indicates that something is not right and there looms a great danger if the USA and UN fail to vigorously involve themselves in Somalia. The efforts and gains that Uganda and Burundi armies of AMISOM have put in Somalia will end up in an inferno if the international community does not come to the rescue of AMISOM and Somali people who want peace without violence.
Mr. President, I fully support the AU mission in Somalia for keeping the little peace in that shattered country. In particular your government‘s decision of sending peace keepers to Somalia. But Somalia now “epitomizes the savage subject of international conspiracy” of double standards when it comes to African continent.   The original mission of AMISOM was to keep little peace that was there in Somalia when Ethiopian troops moved back. The rules of engagement since then seem to be changing into combat operations which have become dear for a small force of UPDF and Burundi army.  AMSON has been forced to fight back directly in self defense   with Al- Shabaab and therefore there is need for “creative diplomacy” to resolve the conflict in Somalia.  Time is now and one cannot run away from the fact that the death toll on both sides is running high every day.
Mr. President, The signs are already written on the wall. The statement by AMISON Spokesman Major Barigye is useful for refining and making it more unlikely to obtain a successful and peaceful out come at the end of the conflict. The current trend and strategy exposes our troops like “crusaders” as compared to the initial role of peace keepers in Somalia. This is the view expressed by many Somalis who are not terrorists of Al- Shabaab organization and interested in peaceful resolution of the conflict. This is the real truth and can be amplified by the many factions fighting currently in Somalia where the Prime Minister of Somalia is locked in horns with the current TFG President Sheikh Sharif.   “There are subtle skills that can be applied with real influence on moderates in Somalia” without being obvious and without our forces being   labeled Ugandan crusaders like it was done to Ethiopians during their short stay in Somalia. We must persuade with ease and integrity to win the hearts of moderates `who will help us to wipe out Islamists terrorists in Somalia. There must be accommodation and alternative peace mechanisms for those Somali people who are not Islamic militarists so that we stretch our comfort zones to end the conflict peacefully in Somalia. “An international peace conference in a neutral country can stop further flux of Jihadists into Somalia and stop the raising piracy in Indian Ocean route.  In doing so we shall   isolate the Al- Shabaab and their foreign players and funders like in Iraq where conditions are returning gradually and slowly”.

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