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This is a UK based Think Tank on African matters. It handles democracy, human Rights, Conflict Resolution, governance, strategic management and international lobby. Was formed in 2005 and has worked on conflicts and political education in several African countries like Zimbabwe, DRC, Sudan,  Uganda, Angola and many others on the continent. It has consulted for Sky News, Channel 4  as Africa consultants on several projects on African continent. It has sent  independent Election observers  too many countries that have held national election in Africa.

The electronic marketing strategy using a “home” Website, other Websites, mailing lists, chat rooms, and feedback amongst others aims to achieve the following for Africa World Media Ltd (herewith referred to as AWM), in line with its already existing objectives:

Facilitate Political research and Good Governance in Africa

In this regards, the electronic marketing strategy aims to advance, simplify, and ease political research for AWM and various stakeholders in Africa. This can be achieved   by using two main methods. One would be to post an article online i.e.: an international Website and encourage feedback   from readers. The Website can be a ‘home site’ i.e.: the Africa Strategy Website and o other Websites such as Online news agencies and those of other organizations that are in the same streamline as Africa Strategy e.g.; Race and History Website. The other option available is the mailing list. AWM can choose the option of sending articles on specific subject areas to a selected group from a mailing list. Feedback can be requested. Better still is to send a specific topic to those selected and request research from the various individuals and organizations. The contributions can be synthesized together to come up with a highly synthesized research piece. In our political research we defend and enlighten those who need more knowledge on Africa and provide defense for African countries that might come under attack from outside international agencies.

Promote Political Studies

The AWM marketing strategy aims to encourage the study of politics in regards to Africa   i.e.: especially to enlighten those who have wrong perceptions of Africa abroad and on the African Continent. The vastness of the Internet offers this facility. Again using the methods listed above of posting articles on Websites, requesting feedback, using a mailing list alternatives to the existing systems and practices in Africa can be suggested, assessed and used by Africa World Media to achieve one of its main goals of political education that can lead to the desired thoughts being fostered in Africa and especially abroad. So through an electronic marketing strategy, political studies can be promoted and a culture of such education (political) can be fostered.

Give due recognition to the importance of Women and Youth


True as AWM has already mentioned in its objectives, women and Children issues are either condensed or are simply not addressed. A grave and regrettable act on the continent. We support women and children in conflict and publicize where possible the grave dangers where the above groups are concerned

 Investment and Background Searches and Guidance

Many investors are uncertain when it comes to investing in Africa, so the Online plenary sessions can provide the necessary micro and macro economic details ‘hands-on’ to furnish would –be investors.

To Support and analyze critical studies of Western and International Policy


Policies of international concern of organizations such as the United Nations, International Monetary fund and World Bank can best be analysed by all stakeholders i.e.: all nations. The Online Marketing Strategy offers a facility such as this where various people who specialize in different issues. This will enable AWM to also make well- informed analysis.

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About me

Name:David Nyekorach - Matsanga (PhD)
Work: Publisher, Owner, Chairman of Africa World Media Ltd Specialist: Political Science, African History, Governance, Democrary, Great Lakes Region, Conflict Resolution, Media Impact on Africa, International Management and Lobby work
Location: London, Surrey UK

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