Mr. William Pike, the Managing Editor of the Star newspaper, I have read the article Published on 7th March 2012 page 28  by one Ndung`u Wainaina entitled “Matsanga not good for Kenya’s image”. I believe you know that I deserve a right to reply.   My first reaction was to dismiss it with contempt that it deserves because it has been written by someone who coached and bribed these witnesses like Ndungu Wainanina and many others who should be ashamed among Kenyans.

I am not shocked by accusations coming from NGO surrogates who sell their own mother country for few coins of dollars.  Mr. Ndungu Wainaina and his cohorts have every reason to complain as they thrive on the misery and ignorance of Kenyans to economically exploit the whites. They ought to know in black and white that I a man who can never lose a battle like this one between me and the zygotes of European sponsored  NGOs.

I am a man who has never yielded to mediocrity, blackmail, threats, shenanigans and I don’t take things lying. I will make your readers understand that mine is battle for a better and effective ICC not a tainted and inept ICC that hides some exculpatory evidence from the defence and performs perjury.

The deliberate failure by the Prosecutor to provide the exculpatory evidence to the Chambers is criminal and punishable. He refused to notify the ICC of the recanted evidence that James Maina Kabutu gave and this is akin to what the Prosecutor did in the case of Thomas Lubanga. In deed, the ICC Appeals Chamber had issued unconditional orders for release of Thomas Lubanga because the same Prosecutor refused to provide exculpatory evidence to the defence.

Consequently, the crimes that the Chief Prosecutor committed by not telling the ICC Pre- Trial Chamber 2 that his witness recanted evidence is serious and cannot go untouched. We must set the truth bare. In support of a fair and speedy judicial process, I delivered a coherent message to Appeal Chambers on behalf of witness No 4 and in my understanding of the law and facts in question; this was not subverting justice or interfering with the Case two as alluded to by Wainaina.

In this regard, I will not be cowed by foot soldiers of the metropolitan powers in Kenya. I firmly believe in the rule of law and international criminal justice but not to sham trials. Courts try cases but equally, cases try courts and in this particular matter, the ICC is under trial by the Kenyan case. Nevertheless, I am prepared to go to the ICC Chambers in person or to any court as an investigative journalist to tell my story.

I have deep conviction that the information I have is critical as it will either make or break the court. Currently, the ICC is on the brink of imminent collapse due bungled and politically motivated prosecutions by the Chief Prosecutor.
Having said that let me turn to the article and put the record straight on a number of misinterpretations, fabrications, concoctions and rumours peddled by Mr. Ndungu Wainaina:

  1. I was not a spokesman of LRA but a Leader of LRA Peace Delegation and Chief Negotiator of the LRA/ Government Of Uganda Peace Talks that were sponsored by the European Union(EU) , United Nations(UN) and African Union(AU)  that negotiated the end of Northern Uganda conflict between(2006-2008) of which Kenya was a signatory..
  2. I can proudly tell Mr. Ndungu Wainaina that I have at least resolved one serious armed conflict in the world compared to his organization that purports to be an International centre for policy and conflict but only creates conflicts in Africa by bribing witnesses to destroy the same Kenyan image he talks about. His mediocre organization cannot even arbitrate a bar brawl in the famous River Road of Nairobi.
  3. I have never gone to any Kenyan government official or their agents seeking to be employed, contracted, or be supported by the Government of Kenya materially, monetarily or otherwise to defend its image, its actions or its performance, regarding the ICC crusades against Kenyan four suspects.
  4. I have never been contracted, employed or instructed by any of the Kenyan suspects to represent them at any international level regarding their case.  In fact, I have never met any of them or their intermediaries and I have no intention now or in future to meet them.
  5. I am the  Chairman/ CEO of  a consultancy firm based in United Kingdom( Not NGO) called Africa World Media Ltd , an investigative media consultancy   with branches in  several  European and African countries  and with over 100 investigative researchers that I employ and pay for their work worldwide.
  6. I am not President Mugabe’s assistant but an African patriot who has defended the people of Zimbabwe from the fangs of imperialism since 1997 when the likes of Ndungu Wainaina’s deserted African patriotism and condemned Mugabe through their NGOs. It is the same International Center for Policy and Conflict and its cohorts that went in bed with imperialists and neo-colonialists to isolate and destroy Zimbabwe. 
  7.  I have not perverted any course of Justice , interfered with any witness, tampered  with any witness of ICC, never  traced the referred to  witness no 4, but he and his lawyers  contacted me and wanted me to deliver their message to the ICC Appeal Judges which I voluntarily did last week.
  8. I did not and I have never attempted to meet or phone any of the Kenyan protected witnesses except those that have recanted their evidence but such evidence has been hidden from the ICC Pre- Trial Chamber 2 through the design of the ICC Chief Prosecutor and Mr. Wainaina’s NGOs (like Mr. James Maina Kabutu, who is no longer a witness of the ICC).
  9. I have never violated Kenyan laws, preached violence in Kenya in all my media programs (That can be replayed in any court of law in the world) and my peaceful activities in the Republic of Kenya are above board.  As a Ugandan and an East Africa citizen, I have the right to stay and I am free to live anywhere in Kenya and in the world.
  10. I am duly accredited with the Media Council of Kenya, Commonwealth Journalist Association and International Journalist Association, as an International journalist representing a reputable organization in the world. The information that I have posted on my website was available in the public domain and available at the Chief Prosecutor’s office in The Hague and as far as I am concerned I don’t need a job in Kenya in order to survive in this world.
  11. There are many Kenyans working in Uganda who have not been singled out and molested like the way Mr. Ndungu Wainaina and his NGO friends have prostituted, besmirched and mutilated my name in the Kenyan press.

Now that I have set the record straight let me turn to the article itself. It is misleading for Mr. Ndungu Wainaina to accuse me of working for Kenya government when he has never seen any legal contract drawn between and Kenya government.

It stinks to see that those who coached witnesses and bribed witnesses like Mr. Ndungu Wainaina are parading themselves as patriotic Kenyans wanting to defend its image when few years back  Mr. Ndungu Wainaina received money from  well known NGO in Europe( name withheld for future court use) to frame some of the ICC suspects. 
The noise that the world will hear about Matsanga is because I have touched the core of the ICC case number two where for 3 years Mr. James Maina Kabutu witness number 4 has always wanted the world to know that he lied and whatever he told the ICC investigator was pure fiction.

The noise you hear about arresting Matsanga is because case no.2 of the ICC relies on a fake witness no.4 who recanted his evidence but Ocampo by design failed to notify the Pre- Trial Chamber 2. Such a level of perjury cannot be tolerated and I will not be intimidated by Mr. Ndungu Wainaina or his colleagues who bribed and coached witnesses to lie against the accused.    

It’s also imperative to note that Wainaina and his ilk will never utter anything good about me because the truth that I speak will collapse case two and this will drive them out of “business”.    

Above all, I intend to officially seek for reprimand and possible prosecution of the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC for committing perjury. I have also directed my team of lawyers and investigators to explore the possibilities of bringing Ndung`u Wainaina and his cohorts to face the Kenyan law for coaching and bribing witnesses.


By Dr. David Matsanga.
+254 723312564




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