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President Y.K. Museveni
State House Entebbe Uganda
23'd March 2011

REF: Your letter on Libya is spot on and is a true picture  of how double standards of the USA have killed Africa.


Your Excellency President Museveni sir, you wrote a letter in the New Vision of Uganda which was also published in the Daily Nation of Kenya on 22"d March 2011. This letter has touched my heart as an African who has strived to defend the African continent from imperial toxins manufactured by the Western countries. I have been targeted by my enemies on the continent because of my outspoken stand against such UN rushed resolutions like the one on Libya last week.


I took a good international hammering and centre stage when defending Zimbabwe against western hatched sanctions by telling the west to have wider dialogue with President Mugabe and many human rights organizations battered me with batteries of threats but at the end dialogue prevailed. One can see how dialogue changes things without the use of war machinery. But now the same pattern of double standard is repeating itself in Libya. The west is shelling Libya without an exit strategy that will usher in peace by peaceful means! How do you safe guard air- space when the problem is on the ground. The same western countries are patrolling the Indian Ocean infested with threat of war and piracy when the problem of Somalia is on the ground and not in water!  libya's solution is- wider dialogue.


I fully agree with you Mr. President Museveni, that the bombings and shelling against Libya must come to an end and a route of dialogue be so•Jght. Resolution 1973 which mandates the western countries to safe guard civilians has been misused by the countries that pressurized the UN Security council to secure the same. Instead of safeguarding the civilians the same western forces are now bombing the unsuspecting Libyans on the ground. What a morass!

I  have always maintained that Africa needs its own muscle to resolve conflicts on the continent.

I have always in my writings as a Pan African maintained that a united continent  will repulse the angry Western powers  whose dwindling  oil reserves have caused the current inroads on Libya. There is no simple template  for best practice on Unity but lessons can certainly  be learned from the current  attacks on Libya.


Let us look at all the avenues that are mostly being used by the USA in confusing the young dot corn generation into uprisings. In Kenya they have come through ICC mechanisms, in Egypt, they came in mass protest  through CNN and AI- Jazeera, in Uganda they wanted to come through opposition and through election strategy and we defeated  them, and in Zimbabwe they want to come through tribal sentiments (The Ndebele and Shona friction). President Museveni has hit the nail on the coffin in his letter.


South Africa is a member  of African Union and as member  state of African Union that was tasked to mediate  between warring parties; it should have refrained  from bolstering the European vote and abstained if the situation warranted doing so. Germany a member state of European Union felt that the UN Resolution was ambiguous  and it abstained. South Africa gained independence through the support that Libya gave the ANC and its military wing. Gadaffi can be condemned by many people but those of us who know the help he gave South Africa's ANC in their fight against Apartheid regime would have liked President Jacob Zurna to rethink seriously on Libya issue. South Africa has had a bitter rivalry at the AU with Libya and therefore for it to use that at a friend who is fixed at corner is bad politics for our Southern brother.


The crucial nexus is the bad trend in which some Western nations forced a UN Security Council resolution on Libya leaving some other countries  in the Middle-  East unsanctioned. Uganda government on several occasions has asked the UN Security Council for a no fly- Zone on Somalia to stop supplies reaching militants in Mogadishu and other airports  where our sons and daughters from Uganda are being killed but the USA which created the crisis of Somalia has totally refused to accept the suggestion. The double standards show how USA targets countries with rich oil reserves then sends its troops. The sea of lies and double standards of the world police man are narrowing every day. Any time the USA opens its mouth on international matters like the ICC cancer on Africa, there is a political deficit left for the poor nations of the world.


Africa and Libya requires an honest and sometimes painful dialogue about the past, present and future, the question  of military force is controversial in that it intersects the issues of reconciliation and sustainable security. Those wishing to remove Gadaffi by force will be dealing with another  monster  worse than Gadaffi because violence breeds new round of violence which will engulf Libya. All these factors are pointing to a harsher war aimed at Israel that is Isolated among radical neighbors in the Middle- East. What the USA and its allies are doing is to remove some moderate  or semi-democratic  states and replacing them with the likes of Muslim­ Brotherhood militants of Egypt. This will back fire soon!

Libya comprises of different tribes and clans similar to what we have in Somalia. The very oil democracy that has killed Iraq will kill Libya if the western countries  just impose their legitimacy without an exit strategy from the shelling.  Resolving the underlying  causes of the crisis of the conflict in Libya is prerequisite to ensure sustainable development and reduce the likelihood of conflict re-emerging again in Libya. The framers of the UN Security Council will leave to regret after several months  of shelling and failing to overthrow Gadaffi from power and one wonders what they will do next


African Union must show its muscle when dealing with  the UN Security Council on matters that affect African peace and security. Africa must reject any form of manipulation that will bring chaos for future  generations. Africa must reject NGO syndrome that I see being used against its people in countries like Zimbabwe and Kenya. Most of the elite, young, and educated people in those countries survive on NGO hand outs or look at USA ambassadors for supply of money for regime change. These NGOs have in turn supplied wrong   and sexed dossiers to Western pay masters and killing Africa with inflated  records of human rights abuses in their countries.


There is another factor that has puzzled most of us who fight for this black continent and have been labeled devil's advocates by some paid mercenaries  who don't  see beyond their noses on African matters. In Egypt the people on the streets were called "demonstrators" and in Libya the men with guns were called "Rebels" by Western backed media. Now the question I pause to the world is since when did rebels get support from a western backed air strike? Does this mean one needs to go to one part of Kenya, Uganda or Zimbabwe and just mobilize a band of youths and then get a -no fly zone and fight a government of the day recognized by the same UN


I fully support your letter. It opens our hearts for nationalism and patriotism in Africa. We have lost all the vigor and stamina of our fight for independence. The current  generation that uses computers is that born after independence.  In most states in Africa it is being misled by NGO culture and has no clue how blood was shed for such independence. The young generation of today is being confronted with the new age of technology  and has forgotten that the older generation was writing on black marble stones that brought the same civilization that we see in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other countries in Africa. If the founding fathers of our African nations like Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Odinga, Obote, Nyerere Nkurumah Nasser, woke up from
their graves and found us selling our national sovereignty to ICC or other agencies their ghost will never stop haunting  us


I call upon you Mr. President, to seriously tell the USA about their hypocrisy on Africa.  Take the conflict in Somalia for example; the USA left it in the hands of us Ugandans to resolve. The amount of airpower that is being spent on Libya would  have solved the AI- Shaabab menace that was a USA problem. The current  stage where oil hungry countries like the USA go for libya when  there is a threat of piracy  in the Indian Ocean is what has baffled most of us Africans. The problem  of Somalia would  have been solved with a few cruise missiles sent on target into Al­ shabaab areas of Mogadishu and the war would be over. But the double standards of the USA policies on Africa have been exposed on the Libyan case.


Mr. President Museveni  sir, you should take on the USA and stop them from harassing African countries and you should also lay down a time  table and conditions for USA on Somalia. They are now busy harassing one of the front line states,Kenya,where they have come in form of ICC, summonses,warrants,outreach,civil society, youth programs,NGO funding,to  create regime change. All these are being done while  AI- Shabaab is threatening to kill more people in Kenya and probably in wider Africa. Mr.  President Museveni your letter has increased my momentum against the double standards of USA.


I fully concur with you Mr.President.

God bless you.



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