The shadow Foreign Secretary
The Honorable Madam. Yvette Cooper
House of Commons
8th December 2010

Allow me to thank you for the your elevation to the Shadow Foreign Secretary position .I salute the Labor Party for the tenacity and steadfastness in  which it has conducted itself 1980s opposition  and in government from 1997.
I want to state from the outset that the Labour Government erred on Zimbabwe by blowing out of proportion a bilateral matter on Land in 1997.  As such we must take responsibility on our actions as a party and apologize to the suffering people of Zimbabwe for the mistakes we made when the party leadership imposed sanctions on that Southern African country.

The current leadership of Hon. Ed Miliband leader of official opposition in House of Commons has already apologized to the people of Iraq for the invasion that has now crippled the economy of Iraq and destroyed the infrastructure of the entire nation.
The vision of the Labour Party in Britain and worldwide has always been freedom for the oppressed.  Labor party in Britain has contributed enormously to development of many African countries in their political, economic and social fields. That is why as a Labor voter for 24 years in Britain I have decided to write to you in my own capacity and that of Africa World Media Ltd.

Madam Honorable, while these visionary developments in the Labor Party were welcomed by many Africans on the continent, a hideous agenda by few individuals in the previous governments of The Rt. Hon. Prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown emerged in 1997.  The current saddled political deficit created by few political malcontents in our party went further to engulf the Leadership of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and influenced them to follow deceit instead of truth on a bilateral matter of land between Britain and Zimbabwe.

Madam Honorable, the same political deficit of violent regime change that was embedded in the so called ethical foreign policy apparatus of Labor government fermented   the current crisis that we see in Zimbabwe today.  On spot in this political bizarre of twists and turns on Zimbabwe sanctions and isolation  in 1997   was the former International Development Secretary Hon. Clare Short who arrogantly and deceitfully wrote  a letter that bordered on racial bigotry.

This letter sparked the current land crisis that had been contained by the Conservative Governments of Lady Margaret Thatcher and John Major from 1980 to 1997.  The sentiments expressed in the letter were a reminiscent of Apartheid era language which the new leadership of Ed Miliband Labour party must urgently redress for Labour Party to regain credibility on African matters. (I attach Clare Short’s letter of 1997 for your perusal) and (one written to Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron on Zimbabwe dated 14th November 2010)  

These ignorant actions have caused astronomical hardships which in turn have destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe, and spiralled this country downwards into political isolation and oblivion. “The optimal outcome of all these actions on Zimbabwe and one that does not come with huge risk of breaking the civil order of that country is the removal of sanctions and serious apology from the Labor leadership of Hon. Ed Multiband”.
Madam Honorable, sanctions against Zimbabwe offers the slimmest hope of regime change tactics that were employed Rt.  Hon.  Tony Blair and Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown. Sanctions have now destroyed the lives of the masses in Zimbabwe.  Sanctions in any third world country hurt the masses and don’t governments.  Most of the infrastructure in Zimbabwe has collapsed or near collapse“Roads, hospitals, schools, industries, and transport sector, are in worse conditions due to the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe”.

 Madam Honorable, Africa World Media Ltd believes that removal of all sanctions against Zimbabwe will quicken the reforms that the western countries often talk about. Sanctions are “an albatross around the constitutional reforms”once maintained by Britain and EU as they hinder international education on increased good governance and good democracy of smooth transition in Zimbabwe.
In my meeting with  The Honorable  Stephen Twigg  Shadow  Minister for African affairs on 30th November 2010 in his office  in Parliament  I cited “the imposition of solutions for Africa  as the root causes of many conflicts  like that of Somalia” That is why I am appealing to you to review Labour’s Foreign policy and  support a motion in Parliament  to remove sanctions on Zimbabwe, just as the current Labour leader The Honorable Ed Muliband  has  apologized to the people of Iraq on the false WMD ( Weapons of Mass Destruction).

 Madam Honorable, Africa world Media Ltd has credible evidence that the economy of Zimbabwe grew by 4.7 % in 2009 due to the efforts of the inclusive Government of (ZANU-PF, MDC-T, MDC-M). This has ended the contraction that we saw in the years before.  There are prospects of higher growth if sanctions were lifted and the work of government ministries were 100% complemented by international agencies like IMF and World Bank without obstacles of travel bans and other useless restrictions on trade and export of its minerals.  Our research shows that next year will see Zimbabwe economy grow by 9.3 %. This is done under hardships of sanctions.  But as British people and voters we should remember that this could boost the dwindling economic prospects of Britain at the moment. “ If we leave sanctions on Zimbabwe  in place we would be slowly and gradually asking the Chinese to take over all the functions of the economy  in our  former colonies and Britain will become a mere observer in most former colonies like Zimbabwe”.   I can safely state that this is happening as write and both the current government and the opposition are not doing enough to avoid this route in Zimbabwe”

 Madam Honorable, the land distribution exercise which the Labour Government refused to support in 1997 is irreversible. The new black and white commercial farmers who settled for one man one farm policy in Zimbabwe need technical advice that comes from their elected leaders in government who in turn MUST interact freely with the outside world without conditions. A typical example is the   Minister of Agriculture who has to interact internationally for increased food production but cannot travel due to sanctions imposed on the government of Zimbabwe. This retards development and must be waived urgently so that Zimbabwe achieves its MDGs.

 Madam Honorable Shadow Foreign  Secretary , we believe that there is no other sovereign but the people and that universal suffrage to choose leaders, the instruments of this sovereignty , has no value and basis unless the people of  Zimbabwe are radically able to decide their destiny without interference from Britain or other countries.  “The people of Zimbabwe agreed to form an inclusive government headed by His Excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and that is their destiny this no sanctions or demonization will change destiny”.

Madam Honorable Shadow Foreign Secretary, removing sanctions and apologizing to Zimbabwe will help this inclusive government of Zimbabwe to deliver services that were obstructed by different divergences, in both Rt Hon. Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s legacies of errors”. Most of the Labour Party leadership of the two governments were instrumental and senior flag bearers in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa and UDI of Ian Smith in former Rhodesia.  Some of  us independent lobbyists  have wondered  why they turned on Zimbabwe when they came power in 1997 when indeed they would have seen the baby where they were midwives of a new Zimbabwe?

In  conclusion , our letter presents a scenario where The Rt.Tony Blair and The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown  Labour Governments were overtaken by ego politics as opposed to  principles equitable distribution of wealth to majority black people of 18millions Zimbabwean. It presents the history of an  obsessive  past focus on human rights record that has improved in justification of continued grip of Zimbabwe’s future.  It also presents the lack of substance in foreign policy that created crevices and fault lines instead of containing and resolving by peaceful means the political debacle of Zimbabwe that haunts the Labour Party today.

Madam Honorable Shadow Foreign Secretary that is the true picture and story on how Zimbabwe was destroyed by Hon. Clare Short.   As African lobby group, we pray that this will happen sooner than later to enable the people of Zimbabwe to re- engage the international community with ease.  Failing to do so might leave an injured legacy created by Hon. Clare Short who misguided the Labor Government of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. We request for your quick response on this matter and wishing you a Happy Christmas.

With all prayers
I remain
Yours truly,

David Nyekorach- Matsanga PhD

Chairman/ CEO Africa world Media Ltd/ Africa World Med (Kenya) Ltd
+44(0)7930901252 .




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