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When The Centre Can No Longer Hold In The ICC Cases

 My name has been adversely mentioned in the Kenyan dailies, along with (Dennis Itumbi, and Faith Muthoni) for having been the public faces naming Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi as a fixer of President Uhuru Kenyatta case at The Hague. Yes I can without fear of any thread of contradiction confirm that I have evidence that she is behind the cartel of “high flier fixers” of the case that is currently at the ICC.   

The Sunday Nation story, by one Ngunjiri on page 29 is a doctored piece that paid journalism in Kenya can produce given that the same journalist could not destroy a forest he lives in. My co- accused Faith Muthoni and Dennis Itumbi might choose not to make a public statement or do so in their private capacity, but for me  I hereby reply to the accusations doctored and written by “a yellow journalist on Nyokabi's pay roll that appeared in Sunday Nation of 9th  November 2014” . I am the only non-Kenyan mentioned in this Nyokabi Public Relations stint in all the dailies in Kenya in the last one week.  But I will single out the Daily Nation since it came out with inaccuracies that can litter the air of Africa.

I have no problem with any sane Kenyan collecting signatures against ICC but I would query a Saul who changed to Paul on the road to Damascus who was at the frontline asking ICC to take Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and Arap Sang to jail to have become a new hero on the block collecting signatures and at the same time briefing NGOs of intended actions.  That one I have no compromise. There is need for a lobby on ICC cases internationally and locally and that is the lobby I have insisted on many years. But for it to be hijacked by again silly NGOs that tormented us with Monday sermons in the Star Newspaper I will not be part and parcel of such cartel of fixers.

I was not be surprised that NMG headed by same group of Linus Gitahi (whose loyalty is questionable according to the previous facts) and whose newspaper and editorial has always wanted Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto jailed “would fail to lend a hand to Priscilla Nyokabi” a well-known NGO guru who was at the center of the “fixing ring in Kenya”. They Daily Nation and Sunday Nation have in previous occasions denied me a right of reply in the same manner where Mr. Maina Kiai (one of the ring leaders of fixers) asked ICC to arrest me in 2012 when I exposed liar witness OTP4.   

I am one of the few people in the World that has stood shoulder by shoulder with Kenyan ICC suspects and victims in search for a fair trial at The Hague since 2008.  When the wrong suspects were mentioned by Luis Moreno Ocampo in a well prepared statement to the ICC Pre- Trial Chamber 2, I started protesting and telling the world about botched and bungled investigation of the Kenyan cases.

I have been vindicated by what has happened with both Kenyan cases at the ICC in 2014. Witnesses have recanted and said they were coached by well-known NGOs in Kenya to lie. Many were bought by NGOs to lie.  So I want to warn those at the habit of jumping on matsanga’s name that come rain or sunshine no one will ever intimidate me on ICC bungled investigations, be it in Kenya or in the international community I will deliver blow by blow, the evidence to prove that OTP worked with NGOs in Kenya to fix Kenyan cases at the ICC.

I have my hard facts that I can table in any court of law on how Priscilla Nyokabi and others fixed Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, Arap Sang cases. My intelligence and research is loaded with volumes of material that can prove in court of law that the then Kituo Cha Sharia helped ICC to fix Kenyan cases.  As an Investigative journalist I cannot be intimidated by the likes of Priscilla Nyokabi. Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi is like “a rat asking for a wrestling match with a cat”

In his submission to the court in 2011 “Luis Moreno Ocampo thanked organizations that helped him to piece together his cases in Kenya. Among those was praised Kituo Cha Sheria, headed then by none other than the current Nyeri Woman Representative in Parliament called Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi”. Nyokabi might have left Kituo Cha Sheria but she has always been in touch with ICC providing OTP more links about political victims introduced by Fergal Gaynor.

The Chief Prosecutor said “Fatou Bensouda in July 2013 that valuable leads to the Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta case had emerged and there was need for the Trial Chamber V (b) to give her more time to follow these leads to a conclusion”   It very amazing that we as Africans forget so easily when we want to defend one of our own like Priscilla Nyokabi.  This all emerged after OTP 4 was exposed and the case was about to collapse.

Many Kenyans and especially those in NGOs were very excited about the ICC new route because in Kenya it had financial benefits. There were men and women who toiled the valleys and mountains of Kenya looking for whom to include in the witness academies.  The witness academies grew in numbers day and night and many NGOs shared the loot silently as nobody was interested at that time to expose them.

There were those who wanted to fix their political enemies. Martha Karua headed the other group on William Ruto case that wanted William Ruto dead and locked in jail for life. A witness academy by name -Sitima PLC (whose director Jane Karuga was tasked to liaise with USAID – Kenya country director then to facilitate the witness saga was created with the Knowledge USA ambassador to Kenya then) was created under Hon Martha Karua Ministry to fix the suspects and locate witnesses to incriminate those already accused.

While on the other fixer group (“DARK FORCES”) that never wanted Uhuru Kenyatta to become President of Kenya, Hon. Priscilla Nyokabi of Kituo Cha Sheria was given a task to destroy the Kenyatta establishment through ICC by documenting and arranging false Mungiki witnesses from her local area to give false evidence on Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.  These are “hard facts” that cannot be said by those with faint hearts.  It takes courage and serious degree to expose this dirt that took place in dark houses of NGO world.

The  OTP 4 story was very interesting because this is a  typical case that was handled,  hatched and tailored by Priscilla Nyokabi  while , she was at Kituo Cha Sheria and which later on back fired on OTP when it emerged  that Priscilla Nyokabi had sold a wrong apple  that turned out to be rotten. When you look at the written evidence of OPTP 4 Kituo Cha Sheria was cited many times by this lair witness for the assistance he was given. He was coached by the same Priscilla Nyokabi to give false testimonies against Muthaura and Uhuru Kenyatta.  

There are folks who are not happy because I have pursued this matter to this level. And maybe justifiably so they “formed a wall of silence while the suspects continued to suffer in silence”. They became monsters who ate suspects from within.  Priscilla Nyokabi was such a person who benefited from the witness saga of Kenya without notice because she was shielded by few high and mighty from the previous government of President Kibaki. The business of feeding ICC with new facts was so paying to the extent that those around these NGOs formed a cartel with many agencies in Kenya to smear lies on the suspects.

The ICC fixing business attracted all manner of conflict mercenaries. Like those syndicated Sicilian Mafia enterprises of yore who kill without mercy. Among the groups doing the dirty job of identifying false witnesses for ICC who would then be coached was Kituo Cha Sheria. There was a bonus for anyone who provided Fatou Bensouda & Co. with verifiable document touching on President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta’s bank accounts and other property. It was a good investment. Millions were made by those who claimed to be close to President Uhuru Kenyatta who secretly provided this materials to OTP Fatou Bensouda. Good pennies were made.

The Priscilla Nyokabi’s of this world thought that things would not come to the surface. The cases have dragged on for a long time and the center at ICC cannot hold .Leaks have begun appearing because the court  today finds itself in a very interesting and compromising positions. The ICC Trial Chamber V (b) and Trial Chamber V (a) are holding on a faked cases of Kenya where it is written on the walls of courts that the 3 suspects, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta William S Ruto and Arap Sang were fixed by a cartel that still roams the streets of Nairobi driving powerful cars benefited from the blood of fixing others. They built good houses in Runda and Eldoret married more men, and men married more wives out of the fake cases at ICC. 

But the traitors are now being exposed, and they have been getting a great deal of flak. And they are a worried lot too in view of the direction that these designer cases have taken. The agony of the suspects continues with the passing time, while the fixers begin to defend themselves, even when the masters at the ICC thanked Kituo Cha Sheria for the good work done in piecing the cases together. 

But they have been wondering, too. While they have been taking the flak, one of them Priscilla Nyokabi has been sitting pretty. Swinging it with Jubilee bosses she fixed. Rubbing shoulders with the black suits. Having a jolly good time. Like nothing happened in the past.  That is Priscilla Nyokabi , a cunning lawyer who escapes by her laughter and smile , when confronted by the fact that indeed she was still at the center of fixing saga that has daunted the ICC since  the exposure of OTP4 who had recanted his evidence but , the OTP went ahead and used it to hold on Uhuru Kenyatta case .

The witnesses that have told this court that they lied in case of Deputy President William Ruto and Arap Sang but have again been recycled into the fake ring of ICC to tell more lies, without the OTP using Article 70 of the Rome statute to seek warrants of arrest for such individuals. Why?  Who in Kenya accepted to force witnesses to give false testimonies when the law says a different thing? In fact the Kenyan laws should have arrested these witnesses and charged them. The agony of Ruto AND sang case is that the truth is known but the court has failed to stop a fake trial at the ICC.

There are people in Africa who amaze me and of late, hints have been dropped here and there.  And along comes Dr. David Matsanga with my treasure stove loaded with all these facts of truth. I have thrown a challenge to Nyokabi to see me at JKL. And knowing Jeff Koinange, he's salivating for this soon. It is here where things will get tricky for Priscilla Nyokabi, to go or not to go.  Let her come and we face it off so that the world knows who was lying. Nyokabi you are damned if you come and, you will be damned if don’t appear to clear your name live.

The truth remains and the truth will set me free, the cases in Kenya were bungled and investigations were shoddy and those who benefited should come out and ask for forgiveness like in South Africa where apartheid killers told the truth and the healing started. The More Priscilla Nyokabi hides under someone and being shielded by fellow fixers, the more complications, it will cause to Kenya and to both victims and suspects.


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