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4th January 2012


Rt. Hon Prime Minister,


Seasonal Greetings!

Allow us to interrupt your Christmas and New Year festivals to bring to your notice the unfolding ultra­ nationalistic tendencies in the British Conservative Party by some ultra-nationalistic organization calling itself "ConseNatives for Zimbabwe organization" (CZO). During the last one year plans by few ultra nationalists were hatched under the guidance of Mr. Alan Fish and some ex-mercenaries to export terrorism  to  an African country, namely Zimbabwe. The terror  threats that  were  published in the Huddersfleld Daily Examiner'' of 28th December 2011 (attached a copy for your perusal) quoting Mr. Alan Fish as a leader of the Right wing group.

This is the climax of what the Right wing group intend to do against President Mugabe and the people of Zimbabwe in 2012. Such politicalrhetoric must be condemned by all sane members of your conservative party and the public at large. Resolving the crisis of Zimbabwe through violent channels will expose the entire South African region into an inferno of political insecurity and worsen the conditions for governance and reconciliation.

Mr.Prime Minister, I want to remind you that statements of this nature are a reminiscent of pure adventurism that Africa endured  during  the  scourge of  slave trade  and colonialism  that  ended approximately 150 and SOyears ago respectively. The colonial hangover exhibited by Mr. Alan Fish and others on Zimbabwe must stop and new avenues of resolving political differences between Britain and Zimbabwe are embarked on. There have been significant changes in Zimbabwe since the formation of a Government of national unity  where both President Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai have become partners of peace and development, although the marriage is shaky due European Union sanctions on the country. The style of government operations in Zimbabwe today are similar to those of the grand coalition that was molded by Conservative Party and Liberal Democrat Party in Britain today.   Most of the policies in such a "grand- coalition government like that of Zimbabwe" is reached on the basis of consensus which Mr. Alan Fish have termed "no democracy in Zimbabwe in his news paper article in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner''.

Mr. Prime Minister, it is now clear from the articles that Mr. Alan Fish has published that he wants a violent regime change in Zimbabwe. This is what is underneath the hidden message (1'military operation in offing"}  against President Mugabe. Is this known to your Conservative party or not? It is evident that some individuals have collected huge amounts of cash in Britain for the purposes of dismembering Zimbabwe in 2012.

The signs of violent  regime change on Libya  started with  few ultra- nationalists (like Mr. Alan Fish targeting Libya) in Europe, talking of human rights, and all sorts of threats on Libya that ended that nation on the slaughter table of the UN Security Council. It culminated into bombing of Libya by NATO forces under the pretext and auspices of UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973 which did not allow "calibrated approach" on Libya. We all know what happened and what is happening in libya today.

Mr. Prime Minister, the laws of this country Britain where most of us have a shared history are clear in circumstances like the ones of Mr. Alan Fish utterances that borders on criminality. His organization has propagated militarism and violence against another country or individuals abroad which violets the anti­ terrorism act. As an organization that defends Africa on political matters in this country we demand to know what action if any Mr. Prime Minster (you) personally will take regarding this terrible behavior? Secondly we also want  know  what action and measures the Conservative Party will take against Mr. Alan Fish and Mr. Emily Madamombe who have openly through an international news paper(attached for evidence) advocated for violence and terrorism  against the people of Zimbabwe?

Mr. Prime Minister, the formation of "Conservatives for Zimbabwe Organization" headed by Mr. Alan Fish of Huddersfield in the High Flatts of Midland Britain is in breach of anti- terrorism act and the threats that were issued against the government of Zimbabwe are a great threat to all peace lovers who would like to  see the Zimbabwe situation solved peacefully through "constructive  engagement and containment". It is now clear that violence has no place in the world of today.It is prudish,sardonic and na'ive for the Conservative Party to allow its members to sing songs of terrorism  in Britain while campaigning for human Rights worldwide in places like Libya and Syria!

Mr.Prime  Minister,lessons from the Libyan saga of plunder and murder which were televised world­ wide have sent clear signals that 11Wider dialogue" bypasses all forms of military violence that Mr. Alan Fish wants" to fish and inject in the British main stream party. Africa World Media Ltd believes that the British Government and most people of Africa are not willing to have a repeat of the Libyan scenario on the continent after the naked murder of Gaddafi and his display on world televisions. Such barbaric acts can only be condoned by those who morally impaired.

Mr.Prime Minister, Libya was full of hospitals, schools,good roads, good economy, good GOP, Jaw and order before the NATO forces hit all of these institutions down to zero. In Libya today we have handed power to Jihadists and AI-Qaida operatives,a move that will haunt our foreign policy for years to come. Today Libyans are paupers in their own country that  was full of resources.  Libyans are begging for medicine and other essential commodities which was not the case during the Gaddafi regime. This was all brought about by careless and reckless statements by ultra-nationalistic people of Mr.  Alan Fish Caliber in some parts of Europe.

Mr. Prime Minister, the government  of national Unity  of Zimbabwe was formed in 2008 after a painstaking dialogue by President Mbeki (former South African President). This is so far the best route that  has seen Zimbabwe come out of the  instigated western violent journey that  had engulfed the nation since 2000.  Most of us who worked silently day and night for Zimbabwe peace (unsung Heroes of this nation who endured assassination threats from ultra- nationalists) to achieve the formation of the Zimbabwe grand coalition will not stand at the periphery and watch the likes of Mr. Alan Fish and his surrogates destroy the fruits of wider dialogue and silent diplomacy we initiated.

That is why Africa world Media ltd a British based Think Tank on Africa  are petitioning you on this issue and asking you  to take serious action against Mr. Alan Fish as a member of the Conservative Party and as a citizen of this great nation whose values are diverse in culture and other formation.

Mr. Prime Minister, the grievances that  Mr. Alan Fish and 'Emily Madamombe have against President Mugabe and the government of Zimbabwe can be resolved within the frame work of the of 2008 Global Agreement that President Mbeki negotiated with the help of international agencies. Our organization believes that although the marriage of convenience between MDC- T and ZANU - PF has changed the lives of Zimbabweans economically, the political route remains littered  with landmines of sanctions that have killed the dream of a better Zimbabwe. We fully support President Mugabe in asking for fresh mandate through elections this year that will give legitimacy to any party that will win an election.

Mr.Prime Minister, it is now clear that some parties in the Zimbabwean opposition have run out of democratic ideas and might be trying toresort to terrorism as a means of acquiring power. Ileave   that matter  of a military wing with the Government of Zimbabwe who might want to take it up with the Prime Minister  Morgan Tsvangirai on  whether  his party  has an armed  wing  or  not?    It is up to Zimbabweans security agencies to further investigate these threats.

The indication that Mr. Alan Fish is working with some "internal traitor clique" of Ministers who are well known and some political parasites in a government of national unity posses a great danger to the nation of Zimbabwe.   The danger of allowing a group of few ultra-nationalists taking Britain into the corner of old stone ages or medieval days is enormous and has created crevices in the culture of country of old civilization in the world like Britain . Our worry as African Think Tank is the dangers that violence brings with the tilt of racial harmony in the Southern Africa region. It must be remembered that what happens to Zimbabwe and President Mugabe determines the politics of the region in years to come in Southern African region.

Mr. Prime Minister, the racial harmony and racial balance that were accepted by President Mugabe in 1980 could be tilted if a violent route is advocated against Zimbabwe by few ultra- nationals like Mr. Fish who want to use violence against the majority of Zimbabweans and Africans in the region. It must be noted that the first African reconciliation and forgiveness lessons were molded by President Mugabe when he reconciled and forgave the then Prime Minister  lan Smith (RIP) who lived and died a free Zimbabwe as a free man despite the atrocities he committed against the majority  blacks by his army and a small group of  racists in  the  then Rhodesia. These are facts that  history  cannot  erase in Zimbabwe politicallandscape.

Mr. Prime Minister, former conservative governments of Prime Ministers Margret Thatcher and John Major in Britain were known for wider dialogue that created the same Zimbabwe in 1980. The Lancaster House Agreement of 1979-80 that most historians in the world have forgotten is and was clear "on land issues" that have troubled this South African nation since 2000.

The skewed foreign policy presented by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Hon Clare Short the then Secretary of International Development brought about the misery and anguishes that Zimbabwe goes through  on daily basis today. Hon. Clare short's racist remarks in the letter to the Government of Zimbabwe in 1997 sparked violent  farm invasion. It  was the  misunderstanding of a new ·Labor.on Zimbabwe that  plunged the country into  the current  political quagmire that  we see today. It  is not President Mugabe as suggested by many international agencies of mass deceit.

Mr. Prime Minister, the notion of willing buyer and willing seller with Compensation schemes from the British Government for  those  white  commercial  farmers in  Zimbabwe as enshrined in Lancaster Agreement of 1979-80 were cancelled by the Labor Government of Tony Blair 1997. Those white commercial farmers who had acquired land under skewed land policy of colonial era were left hapless after the Labor Government of Tony Blair came to power in 1997. The then Labor party leadership put them between a "hard place and rock".This is where things went wrong.  The ethical foreign policy of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair Labor Party brought more confusion than solutions in many parts of the world.

lt is imperative that your government finds ways of resolving the Zimbabwe debacle without  resorting to violent regime change tactics that failed from 1997 to 2010. The current British foreign policy on Zimbabwe by the Conservative Party "resembles one of the expensive television advert in which the flicking of tiny cog leads to the toppling of a spanner, which sends windscreen wipers gyrating, a tyre rolling,-long chain of cause and effect which eventually climaxes in rivingof sleek family car".

The lies that  were piled against Iraq, Afghanistan, should not haunt your current  government. Your Government should open up channels ofsilent diplomacy with President Mugabe on matters that Mr. Alan Fish and others want to turn into theories that justify military intervention in Zimbabwe. (Therefore conservative party must revive the family sleek car of Zimbabwe). You must leave a legacy of having rebuild  bridges that  were destroyed  by the  Tony Blair era not  a fragmented  world  that  has no direction.  Britain must assert its moral authority that has gone down the dark alleys of militarism on Iraq and other places. Africa now does not need confrontationalpolicies but engagement.

Mr. Prime Minister, we believe history has two  characteristics: continuity  1 rather than change, is its hallmark; and I believe such changes do take place generally not  as intended products of famous men but rather the  work of human agents like (you) both  innumerable and anonymous. Therefore the Conservative Party must use this opportunity  in 2012 "to engage" and change the wrong perceptions heaped  on Zimbabwe by the Labor Party or Clare Short's infamous letter of 1997.

The removal of sanctions that have hampered the functioning of the President Robert Mugabe- Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai government of national unity is one step that your administration should think have fast-tracking. The same opposition that was misled by most western nations namely (Britain and USA) in calling for sanctions against the people of  Zimbabwe are today in the same "coalition" that has failed to remove ·the sanctions that Morgan Tvsangirai asked for in early 2000- 2007.

Mr. Prime Minister that is why there is need for a new lease and energy by President Mugabe calling fresh elections sooner than later in order to create political legitimacy to make decisions as a country. The coalition has done some good job on several aspects but has become moribund politically.Some of the partners in coalition listen to the likes of Mr. Alan Fish war mongers and preachers of violence and are not serious in a nation building. Why should law abide Zimbabweans associate themselves with militarists who want to use violenceto acquire power?

Mr.Prime Minister, again we end this note by thanking you for the tenacity and steadfastness that your government has shown in steering Britain through the current economic meltdown that has come as result of bad foreign policy of the British government. Bad economic policies and unnecessary political interference in Africa has created room for other countries like China to replace Britain as big trading partners with  Africa. We must change this trend  and re- engage the   African people and continent through wider dialogue in other to maximize our development and create better opportunities abroad for the British people to trade and walk with the heads high in the current global village.

Mr.Prime Minister, repairing your foreign policy that has been badly dented on many African matters, will increase external exports,trade, employment and internationalinfluence  that have been wiped out by the current economic meltdown. Zimbabwe therefore stands as a  test case for you re- election in next election and bringing Zimbabwe back to the fold of international community by discussing bilateral matters that  were blown out of proportion by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Clare short  will deliver and upgrade British international standing that all of us who live here are proud of.

Let  2012 bring  change in  your  foreign  policy. Drop  isolation  policy  on  Zimbabwe and  embrace engagement as a tenet of wider dialogue that will see more British jobs,growth of industries,and more miracles like those of hosting Olympics in summer. Give Africa a new leaf of hope. Give Zimbabwe a chance through Dialogue.

Britain is one of the best countries in the world with inclusive moral values for humanity,it is a country where all cultures have lived and cherished the values of this country. Don't allow few misguided ultra­ nationalists like Mr. Alan Fish to spoil the good name that Britain has in the world as a caring society.

Hoping to hear from you on the measures you will take to curb the rising ultra- nationalism in your
Conservative Party and Government,

We remain.


Yours truly,

Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga.
Africa world Media Ltd. Chairman /CEO
Surrey England


Relate article sourced from

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner (28/12/2011)

Huddersfield Conservative forms new anti-Mugabe group

by Barry Gibson, Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Dec 28 2011


A HUDDERSFIELD man has formed a new group to increase the pressure on Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe.

Alan Fish – who has visited the African country twice in the last three years – wants to help oust the ageing president.

The High Flatts man set up Conservatives for Zimbabwe this month to try to build support for change in the impoverished state.

Mr Fish, 58, who is a member of the party, said: “We’ve formed the group to attract individual Conservatives who are interested in democracy and the rule of law in Zimbabwe.”

He set up the group with Coventry-based Emily Madamombe, who fled Zimbabwe because of her membership of then-opposition group the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mr Fish said: “Emily has quite a few contacts with Government ministers and people on the ground in Zimbabwe.

“We can get information from the country to people in the Conservative Party which they might otherwise miss.

“We thought that having an organisation within the party would be more useful than operating from the outside and trying to get individual members interested.”

Conservatives for Zimbabwe will hold its first meeting next month.

“Bob Fernandez, who campaigns for dispossessed white farmers, will speak to about 40 of us from the Conservative Farming Group in Denby Dale,” he said.

Mr Fish first visited Zimbabwe in 2008, weeks before the MDC went into an uneasy powersharing government with Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF. He visited the country again this year.

Mr Fish told the Examiner he hopes Britain will be prepared to attack Mr Mugabe’s regime.

“I would like to see a policy more geared to the Arab Spring,” he said. “If people go on to the streets in Zimbabwe will we send in the RAF?

“That’s what we did when Gaddafi threatened his own population.

“However, it’s a different ball park because there’s no oil in Zimbabwe. It would be nice if they treated Zimbabwe the way they treated Libya.

“But we’re trying to put the pressure on for the rule of law and true democracy – not the sham democracy there is at the moment.

“There is a lot of intimidation in Zimbabwe, about 20 incidents of political violence every day.”

For more information on Conservatives for Zimbabwe call 0808 178 9489 or email

direct link to article source: ""

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