By Dr. David Nyekorach Matsanga in Nairobi, Kenya.
I wish all Ugandans a good and peaceful election. I must thank all the people of Northern Uganda who are freely voting for the first time since 1986. The war that i personally helped to end had brought untold suffering for my people in the last 25 years. The people of the North should vote for those who will protect the hard earned peace that some of us struggled so hard to get for Uganda. I am not with you to vote due to other international obligations and because of the respect that i accord President Museveni. I stayed out of the race in my letter that i wrote to Chairman of the Electoral commission in November 2010. I believe that President Museveni has a better vision for the nation and he will keep the peace that i personally struggled to get in Garamba Park and South Sudan.

 I have decided to support President Museveni for this final term so that in 2016 we shall carry his legacy forward and develop Uganda on the foundation he has laid down. The free education, the Security situation, the economic stability that Uganda enjoys although not well spread, the improvement in infrastructure has made me convinced that he should be given another term in office to deliver his dream of a United East Africa. Of course there are bottlenecks like any third world country in the world which we must together as Ugandans help him to fight. I believe the choice between democracy and returning to war are clear. That is why threats of war must be shunned by Ugandans.

Those who will use unconstitutional means have no place in our country. I understand the pain of Dr. Besigye who has unfinished business with President Museveni which are not for national causes but purely personal but I  have taken a notch higher to stand by President Museveni for the sake of peace. I have been a critique but in civilized situations where a man has credit i give it. Museveni and NRM have an organized party and my party UPC was killed by coup plotters like Dr. Olara Otunu who overthrew Dr. Militon Obote in 1985.

The world must not advocate for mere change but meaningful change. We in Uganda shall not just change because we want change, we must avoid the Egypt style where USA and its agencies of CIA have maimed democracy in excahnge of militants who will kill the world.  Ugandans must be fully aware that USA and other countries in the west use Elections as an exit strategy.
Ugandans therefore should vote for Museveni in the last term and have peace for our nation.  I have told all my people of Mbale and Eastern Uganda to vote for President  Museveni and NRM. My mother the only remaining family member of my life in the world will vote for peace and will vote for President Museverni in Bududa constituency . Mama i love you and vote for peace.
Dr. David Nyekorach- Matsanga




About me

Name:David Nyekorach - Matsanga (PhD)
Work: Publisher, Owner, Chairman of Africa World Media Ltd Specialist: Political Science, African History, Governance, Democrary, Great Lakes Region, Conflict Resolution, Media Impact on Africa, International Management and Lobby work
Location: London, Surrey UK

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