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H.E Y. K.  President Museveni
President of Uganda,
And Commander- in -Chief
Of Uganda Defense Forces
State House
6th May 2011.

Your Excellency,
Greetings of peace from our group!

  1. On Saturday 30th April 2011 I sat ten meters away from the podium in Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi and attentively listened to the lecture , where you had been invited as a guest speaker by a group called “mind speak” of Kenya .  First I want to thank the organizers for the Nairobi meeting and the courageous atmosphere of dialogue that was exhibited on that day. Your speech enlarged my intellectual capacity on African economy.

  2.  Mr. President, there are three main reasons why I am writing this letter to you after listening to your speech in Nairobi. First to portray the correct independent picture of the meeting in Nairobi. Secondly , the USA hidden agenda on Africa- facts  I now have after travelling  to Rome Italy to attend  “ International contact group on  Libya ” meeting  as  an observer and the chairman of Africa World Media Ltd a UK think tank on Africa.  Thirdly, the crisis created by the “walk- to work” group that could torpedo all good efforts of our government.  As I write this letter the country Libya is up for grabs and the highest bidder will get it. That is what Foreign Ministers of Italy, USA, France and Qatar and others indicated at the conference I attended in Italy yesterday 5th May 2011.

  3. The UN resolutions 1970 and 1973 have been flouted by the contact group on Libya. It emerged in the conference that “Six months ago the USA knew where Bin Laden was.  After knowing the where about of Osama the USA went back to the drawing board and decided on how and when it would capture and kill Osama Bin Laden.  During the planning stages the USA agreed on a secret political route to   dismember Africa through uprisings. “The USA authorized the Arab spring revolutions and earmarked many African countries after Libya including (Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe) for regime change”.(evidence available)
  4. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
     In short Mr. President we are not safe and immune from the current trend of events of uprisings and civil protests that have been instigated by the western countries.  Uganda according to the evidence I have gathered in the Rome meeting is on the radar for regime change in the sub-Sahara region. 

  5. Mr. President,   I had decided to be silent on the current debate of “walk to work’”, but I was provoked to write this letter to you because of what Mr. Benji Ndolo(Kenyan civil Rights Activist) wrote in the Daily monitor dated 3rd May  2011, which I should shade some light on . I want to make my stand clear on the current opposition strategy of ‘walk to workas a mature Ugandan who has seen “dark clouds and hawks hovering over our country”.  Uganda faces an uphill task of balancing between the government response and the external sponsored strategy that could decide the fate of Uganda under NRM government.

  6. I was very impressed with the delivery of your economic lecture on the dynamics that have hindered total economic emancipation of Africa.  In fact I flew back to London very upbeat on the views that I heard from you on Africa and Uganda in particular.   Your description of Africa’s problems and the prescription that you tabled in Nairobi conference sharpened my understanding about the internal mechanisms of Uganda government.  But I still maintain that the only route to protect the gains of the 25 years legacy and the good governance you brought to Uganda is by “walking to dialogue “soonest.

  7.  Mr. President I want to reassure you, that apart from the childish disruption caused by a paid worker of  some NGOs“international commercial democratic associations” (Mr. B.Ndolo) the entire lecture was well received by many participants that included senior and top management officials from Kenya, East Africa and consultants of various capacities from the world.  One thing that  haunted me as Ugandan as  I flew back to London with my family and  as we sat on the plane  with my wife and my last born  daughter we started  a serious debate about our country we had left  ten thousand miles away in the tropics of Africa.  We all agreed that there was the absence of the spirit to “walk to dialogue” by both government and opposition in Uganda.

  8. Mr. President, the images of conflict in the streets of Uganda in the last few weeks have reminded me of the past LRA crisis which most of us lived with for almost 22 years. Dr.  Ruhakana Rugunda, myself, and others sacrificed our lives and agreed to go to Garamba Park and seek dialogue with Kony and the LRA. There was real passion and impetus for dialogue and we achieved our objectives of peace, although Kony was bombed by USA and disappeared in the CAR.   Today Northern Uganda is safe and free from the proliferation of violence and militarism that seems to have eaten Uganda for many years. The values of “walking to dialogue” are many. The resolution of conflict anywhere in the world is based on the story of St.  Luke Chapter 10 which you quoted in your speech in Nairobi on 30th April 2011 in that hall.

  9.  Mr. President , my daughter of 12 years  a  Ugandan and  the future generation  of our country  who was in intercontinental Hotel room  upstairs with the mother and watching  events in the hall via television  put a fierce intellectual  argument  when  I returned  to the room to tell them that “I had seen and talked to the President  of Uganda “. She asked as to why the leader of Ugandan Opposition had been beaten and why he was wearing dark glasses and yet the President was seen in a smart suit and clean yellow tie and talked so well about our nation Uganda on TV?

  10. Our discussion went wild in the room when I tried to tell her that the rule of law means THAT the state has a duty and paramount hand in enforcing laws if the citizens acted irresponsibly”.  I told her that Dr. Besigye according to the President had disobeyed the rules of arresting officers. The rest   of the story that followed, Mr. President, was a political Tsunami for me and can be summarized by the title of this letter to you today- “walk to dialogue group” I decided that I will help Uganda to mould a country together via dialogue and by having serious discussions with some instigators of the troubles that we see on the streets of Kampala. 

  11. Mr. President , I agree with you that we must stay true to our principles of ensuring that  we are masters of our own destiny and  do not allow any nation from the west or east to take our destiny away as Ugandans. Uganda is big for all of us and we can live with harmony if we “reconciled and sought dialogue”.  The opposition in Uganda especially Dr. Kizza Besigye is desperately trying to shore up his diminishing support base   and has resorted to preposterous propaganda of “walk to work” with few people in our country to create havoc for others in Uganda.

  12. Mr. President, by arresting and beating him live on beaming international television stations you are creating a political inferno that plays in favor of Dr. Besigye’s face saving strategy.  We all know that Dr. Besigye lost election 2011 and  lost  his own deposit in his home county where he was born. But because he wants the world to pay attention to Uganda’s chronic problems that can be resolved through dialogue he invented a “walk to work’ strategy with the help of some forces in Europe to make his point.

  13.  Mr. President , I also agree  with you that  by all conceivable  accounts  the  “Walk to work” is a fairytale not  only comical to Ugandans but awful to many  Ugandans because they “walk to work”  daily anyway. It is only Dr. Besigye and a few petty bourgeois that drive such “big Prados” in Kampala streets who are realizing that “walking to work” is the best healthy exercise instead of a man having a handbag to go to the gym every evening workout.

  14. Millions of Ugandans have been doing it for many years before Dr. Besigye came to the streets of Kampala! Many fair- minded Ugandans including my own mother in Mbale District at her age of 80 years knows very well that poverty is our most existential enemy.  Ugandans know that   an epoch of uprisings is past.  We need dialogue so that we protect what we have achieved and keep your legacy in Uganda. “So the advise is dialogue that will stave off USA tactics of regime change that I have discovered here in Rome when I witnessed accounts from Libyan story with the actors”.

  15. Mr. President, ridiculous as it sounds the implausible fallacy of Dr. Besigye attempting to overthrow the same system he created in 1986 has not been without Ugandan takers and foreign backers. One of those most distinguished victims of this trivial crusade and yet grotesque falsehood is the leader of FDC which forms the pinnacle of ‘walk to work ‘movement.   Dr. Besigye’s “walk to work” approach deluge many questions. Some too intricate to attempt to ask without forensic investigations into the mindset of such a person.  But I am negotiating with his friends behind the scenes to see whether he can soften his stance and seek dialogue with you. He has to tell the world about his intentions of solving the current high prices of goods and inflation that has engulfed the entire world.

  16. Mr. President, I believe that through “dialogue and walking to dialogue” is where a solution will be found for a better Uganda. “Stiff penalties that play in the eyes of our enemies,  opposition arrests ,   open beatings on international  media, mass hysteria, mob politics, walk to work mechanisms  of  CIA , demonization of NRM by opposition , peddling of egregious  lies about life in Uganda,  playing the willing cudgel of the western countries at the expense of Ugandans” ,  all these  factors have left an indelible dent on our country’s image abroad.

  17. Mr. President, like any political abyss (FDC)) fissures run deep into its structural formation and have caused divisions since Dr. Besigye has lost election three time s in row.  His continued arrest by Uganda government has given him the fire engine to revamp his dropping popularity in Uganda politics. The far reaching implications of confronting Dr. Besigye by force will return to haunt the government given that he is now a “salt less” object that cannot deliver   the change Ugandans yearn for.

  18.  Mr. President, I believe that any opposition formed on the basis of Reform Agenda (RA) like what happened in Soviet Union collapses or creates conflict at the end.  I predict that the more you arrest Dr. Besigye and the more the bad images are displayed on international screens the more you make him a political hero out of nothing. In political science, “once you want to change original ideas of the author you fail or kill yourself at the end”. Besigye has just tried to modify your ideas and this brings chaos to Uganda and will harm our nation.   That is what was experienced in the former Soviet Union.  The results were in form of a war in Balkans and the disappearance of security in central Europe.

  19.  I personally think that the unambiguous actuality of Dr. Besigye and some people in opposition in Uganda need no specialized dissention.  The FDC will plunge into potentially perilous confusion the moment Ugandans realize the danger of one man’s zeal to reach state house gardens by any means.

  20. Mr.  President, some of the actions the government is exhibiting against a the opposition and especially to Dr. Besigye are serious political mileage for him to remain on stage in Uganda politics. Some of us who have studied political science to high levels in this world know that most of his policies are not worth the policies that we have struggled for in Uganda opposition.  The political dynamics in FDC reveals a paradox: “walk to work” slogan is the main factor uniting the FDC.  The eon of FDC is supported by disgruntled men and women not by principles that Aristotle and Plato stood for.   

  21. Mr. President, the very virtue of octogenarian leadership disinclination of Dr. Besigye’s FDC that does not want to abdicate power after failure for three times will wrestle him out of FDC.  I believe Ugandans who will read this letter by default will agree with me that the conundrum raving FDC will eat it up to the end. FDC is unelectable and it is government’s approach and handling of the Dr. Besigye saga that will give FDC life line. 

  22. The dog-eat- dog politics in FDC shows how “a bunch of covetous reformist’s individuals have failed to steer a constructive opposition and make better changes for Uganda”.  The heterogeneous whose interests are compatible, but primarily united with common obsession against Museveni. They have no alternative government and views on how to solve the problems of Uganda. Such an opposition has dents. “It is dangerous therefore to fall victims as Ugandans to follow an overly obsessed man whose rendezvous with fate is an epic blunder for our nation Uganda”.

  23. Mr. President, lastly I believe the prism of opposition in Uganda has extended to the funding that has been promised by the same powers namely (USA) that sing of democracy and human rights for Africa. The prose of “walk to work” and the above tailor made strategy of neo- colonialism, sounds ornately all too familiar with, its FDC syntax manifestly predictable and its narrative distinctly rhetorical but dangerous for Uganda.

  24. The danger is that the same aptly sync the populist “Uganda must change” song of USA regime change that we have seen in the “Arab spring revolutions”.   Dr. Besigye reminds me of Stephan Bandera of Ukraine who died in 1959 whose “determined , ambivalent, tactical and opportunistic personality with both eyes fixed at many sides of imperial money and funding ended up   assassinated by unknown people in 1959”.  Given that the ‘walk to work” needs a solution through ‘walk to dialogue. ” I again repeat my call for dialogue and reconciliation that I made in Nairobi as this will heal the wounds in our country.

  25. Mr. President, I will continue to seek silent diplomacy, with many key Ugandans in the Diaspora and in the country until we resolve the crisis that has created a gulf in our country. “Walk to dialogue” is the alternative to “walk to work”.  If I fail to bring to your attention then posterity will judge me harshly when time comes.

Thanking you in Advance

I remain

Yours truly

David Nyekorach- Matsanga (PhD)
International Co- Founder and Co- Chairman for
Uganda walks to Dialogue Group (UWDG).

1. His Excellency Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda- UN Mission.    




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