11th October 2010
P.O BOX   22678         


Allow me to thank you for the tenacity and steadfastness you have shown when handling elections in Uganda since 2002,  when you were first appointed by  President Museveni to lead the Electoral Commission of Uganda.  The strength of any democratic society lies in the hands of impartial electoral mechanisms of such a democracy. I have defended your chairmanship of the Electoral commission on international scene and I will continue to do so in my personal capacity without falling in the whims of cheap politics.

1. USA interference a hindrance to democracy:

The current stance  in which the USA Government is trying to muzzle and stifle the Ugandan Elections of 2011 sets pace for an inferno for the Ugandan people.  The USA Government has a habit of drumming fallacy on African elections which in turn creates difficulties for most of African countries. The USA has helped to maim democracy in Africa.  Kenyan and Zimbabwean cases in Africa are clear examples where the USA Government has issued alarming statements that have precipitated into conflicts.   What we see today in those two countries especially the regime change policy on Zimbabwe was mainly due to the careless statements made by the USA administration. The USA September 2010 report and the earlier report of April 2010 by  Secretary of State  Hilary Clinton  bear hallmarks and fingerprints  of Dr. Olara Otunu  and others whose theories lead to  unfinished business with President Museveni in Uganda politics. Some leading  opposition figures  are using international agencies to achieve their aims in Uganda politics.  The USA report is therefore hollow, narrow and shallow as it has nothing constructive and new for Ugandans or will not help Ugandans to change the Electoral system now.  Ugandans  should point at those who failed to help us to remedy a situation of malpractices- Members of the current Parliament.  

2. Electoral Commission Chairman does not rig elections in Uganda but Ugandans themselves do:

 Mr. Chairman, I personally believe that the Chairman of an Electoral Commission in Uganda cannot single handedly steal and create malpractices in the entire system of over 30 million Ugandans.  You are therefore not the main cause of rigged elections in Uganda.  Other factors like boundaries of constituencies, militarism, and voter buying  in Uganda are the main causes of Election malpractices not Dr. Kigunddu .  Uganda Elections have been rigged time and time again because of many of these factors.  Not your chairmanship of the EC. There are those who hate you because of your tribe but not because you have rigged an election. The current militarization of political party  elections in all political parties in Uganda is ‘a bad culture that has nothing to do with Electoral Commission chairman” but Ugandans ourselves. We blame others for our mistakes. 

3. The current Parliament failed Ugandans totally:

 Mr. Chairman, the general conduct of our current parliament failed to address   the Electoral malpractices that   have contributed to the political malaise that we see in Uganda electoral systems today.  This was not your duty but the duty of our Parliament to rectify anomalies. The Parliament of Uganda did not have a clear agenda on how they can conduct useful matters that have a bearing to the country’s elections.  They ended up showing greed and personal vendettas against individuals than discussing national matters in parliament.

4. Ready to lecture to non-believers  of my version of anew Uganda:

 Mr. Chairman, I have told most of my fellow opposition politicians that even if you were not the chairman of Uganda Electoral commission, President Museveni would win an election in Uganda anyway.  I have time and time again said that, the chairman of any Electoral Commission in Uganda does not rig elections as some colleagues of mine in opposition have labeled you. Those who doubt my position of throwing support behind Badru Kiggundu can contact me for a 10 hour lecture. I promise I will defeat them politically with hands down. Anybody who has studied political science like Dr. Olara Otunu should know that most of the dangers of elections in Africa are caused by bad laws not bad electoral commissions. These are the ones we must fight not personalities.

5. Gerrymandering is the main cancer of our elections:

 Elections are rigged through” gerrymandering” because the current parliament failed to enact laws that could have  re-drawn  electoral boundaries for proportional representation system of election .  The way things are in Uganda politics  NRM will win because the gerrymandering system  that created  the electoral boundaries that  are  favorable for misuse by any political party in Uganda. The economy has done well   for President Museveni, an inept opposition that lacks image, will help President Museveni to win in 2011.

6. Good reasons that favor President Museveni to win:

 Mr. Chairman, another good reason that favors President Museveni is   the grass root support that the President has got in all rural areas.  He will score highly in those constituencies that are rural in nature and might fail get much support in most urban areas because most of the key opposition politicians are urban based than the rural inclination. This is a danger.   So whether there is a robot supervising election or you as the Chairman of EC in Uganda, President Museveni will always sail through.
This is not the problem of the Electoral commission of Uganda which Madam Clinton talks about all the time in her reports to the USA Congress, but that of the current Parliament that failed the people of Uganda by not enacting electoral reforms like the case of Kenya our neighbors who have a new Constitution that is vibrant and capable of rejecting mafia style of politics.  

7. Kenyan style of chaos must not be repeated in Africa:

 Mr. Chairman, one must remember the chaos that engulfed Kenya and this was as a result of USA conflicting statements that first accepted the results and then retracted support which plunged the country into confusion.  I want to withdraw from the race in 2011 and work on educating the USA on African elections.  Ugandans should avoid international smoke of savage imperialism that we see today coming from USA administration on African elections. That danger is very real given the confusion they create in our countries using ICC and other agencies in the UN.
Mr.  Chairman, this letter serves to inform you that I will NOT take part in the 2011 Presidential elections as stated earlier in the Ugandan press and as indicated by some of my agents that have approached you  or the Electoral commission  in Uganda.  (See the New Vision of 2009, Daily Monitor 2009 story and Standard Newspaper in Kenya story Matsanga for president in 2011). I will return to Uganda  some  time in future  to prepare for 2016 Presidential  elections  which I believe will be held under a new constitutional arrangement ,  new Electoral boundaries and possibly under new Electoral Commission or with you still as a chairman.

8. Political parasites in Uganda politics:

 Mr. Chairman, I have taken the decision not to stand as an Independent Presidential aspirant as publicized earlier because of the “shortage of political insight created by political parasites” which is not your problem.   The current militarization of our politics where guns are more than the votes cast. (I will write to the President with evidence).  The presence of political parasites that suck people’s names and blood, the lack of political morality and internal democracy of tolerance ,the absence of  peaceful internal competition  in most of Uganda’s current political parties( UPC. NRM, DP, FDC, CP and many others) that are vying for political space has forced me to remove my name from any  participation  in the 2011 Presidential race   which I had desired to do so with  passion and patriotism that President Museveni preaches in Uganda .

9.  I  delayed in returning to Uganda due to Northern Uganda peace process:

Mr. Chairman, another reason was my delay in coming to Uganda to be ready for 2011 elections was due to the much needed efforts outside the country to resolve the Northern Uganda conflict that had engulfed our country for over 25 years.  I might not have appeared on the list of those awarded certificates or medals in Uganda because of parasite politics and patronage in our country but agree or not,   I was one of the architects of the Juba Peace Talks where guns are silent in Northern Uganda.   I was   the Leader of LRA Peace Delegation and Chief Negotiator on the side of LRA in the UN/ EU sponsored peace talks in Sudan that has brought the t peace that my tormentors and haters in Uganda politics are enjoying in Northern Uganda and Uganda at large.

10. Fruits of my pain and sacrifice are plenty in Northern Uganda:

 Mr. Chairman, the results and fruits of my energy and participation in the Juba peace process have encouraged millions of Northern Ugandans to return home after ending the war in 2006. The fruits through dialogue are in abundance in Northern Uganda today. Compared to the Uganda government earlier strategy of military confrontation that took 20 years my efforts in the LRA / GOU were huge.  I hope President Museveni and the Uganda government will keep that peace forever so that our country does not go back to the past shadows of war and Kony rebels.
Despite the fact that the FPA that I negotiated together with others in Juba was not signed by President Museveni and Kony, the root causes and other matters that sparked the conflict in the first place in 1986 in Northern Uganda were comprehensively discussed in Juba peace process.  Other Ugandans who want peace can build on what we did as patriotic Ugandans in search for peace for our country.

11. Comical aspirants that make elections ugly:

 Mr. Chairman, another purpose of this letter therefore is to inform the Ugandan people, the public of Uganda, the international community which has helped me in my desire for a peaceful Uganda and especially the Uganda Electoral Commission whom I had requested for information regarding 2011  Presidential Elections :” that I will not be a party of  those trying to kill the institution of Presidency in Uganda or to join a long list of comical participants  to defraud Ugandan  tax payers or to be  counted for the sake of fate as an aspirant”. Most of the opposition aspirants are “housekeepers or houseboys of state house syndrome( I have evidence and I will publish at the right moment)   So there is no need of opposing President Museveni during day time  in the media,  denouncing him during darkness with members of the opposition party and then praising  him during  state house visits. I have decided to openly to support, criticize positively and disagree publicly with President Museveni during day or night until I die. As a native from a tribe that speaks out its mind like the Late Hon. James Wapakhabulo did before his death, I have decided to stand down from any contest in 2011 Elections to avoid “the gravy train of violence in opposition and Ugandan politics “, to avoid wasting and tainting may political name in such an election of night dancers and turncoats who are playing loose with facts on the election.

12. Counting chicken before the hatch is bad politics:

Mr. Chairman,   I would not like to be associated with a violent opposition that has counted the votes before they are cast in the coming election in Uganda.   When I watched Dr. Besigye address the Conservative Party conference in United Kingdom two weeks ago, where he said and I quote “that he will announce his own results” I was left with no alternative but to withdraw and distance myself from an already decided election according to Dr. Besigye’s tale. The constitution is clear on who should announce and for a leader of alternative government to issue statements that border on violence and criminality sends me to a distance of safety in my exile life.  Let those opposition leaders who want to promote their ideas  violently  like Dr. Besigye and Dr. Olara Otunu and  both  have unfinished business with President Museveni settle it out first and then credible men and women will emerge in 2016.
My unfinished business with Museveni was Kony war and the way Uganda had failed to end the conflict and raise the conflict to international standards.   That was all solved in Juba Peace talks. I have no more anger on President Museveni  after 25 years in power ,except on personal matters of my unpaid allowances in the Juba Peace Talks that I will discuss with him when we meet in future on this planet earth as long as I am alive.

13. Eastern Uganda as neutral ground and its support for Museveni:

Mr. Chairman, as an offspring of Eastern Region of Uganda that has been neutral and supporting others from different regions of our country without fielding any serious Presidential contender since our political independence,   I have come to this informed conclusion not to put my name forward as an independent Presidential aspirant from eastern Uganda to allow the ground to stabilize for 2016.   An election campaign is not a military operation where guns and other tools of violence are exhibited but a participation in democratic governance for our country.  That will change when some militarists are outgunned by votes in 2011 elections.
The decision has been taken after consultation with my internal team that has researched on my suitability in 2011 and for the sake of peace in Eastern Uganda and Uganda. I have also looked at most of the good things that President Museveni’s   democratic gains have brought since 1986 to date and agreed to leave space for him in Eastern Uganda politics and Uganda as whole   so that he may in turn leave after 2016 and give some young generation chance to lead Uganda and protect his legacy into the future. 

14. Mafia style of politics in opposition will create an inferno:

 Mr. Chairman, I have touched some of the causes of malpractices. Rather than  involving  myself in a mafia style  opposition that is planning a number of counter measures like (opposition  Kiboko squads) and other opposition  underground   operations that will breed violence in Uganda and lead to eventual  disintegration of Uganda after 2011 Elections,  I have opted to  voluntarily  help the people of Uganda to counter  international  machinations wherethe  USA government  is scheming with some candidates in opposition  at the  international level to invalidate the Election before it takes place.This`is not needed  by the people of Uganda at the moment.   I will support President Museveni for the 2011 candidature as the last one term of office  and may be this will give him enough courage to step aside in 2016 for some young and fresh energy that will add new ideas and protect some of the good things in his legacy since 1986.

15. In appreciation of Museveni’s legacy and work:

Mr. Chairman, in doing so I hinged  my  reasons of not participating  in  appreciation of  the  legacy of  President Museveni personally  for  some of the good  things  NRM has  done for Uganda in 25 years, some have impressed me as politician without bias but some like corruption have dismayed me. We can address them with fresh ideas in the next five years so that 2016 will find Uganda in a mood of a better future. The only way to support some of the fundamental changes that President Museveni has introduced in Uganda since 1986 is to be neutral.
These include good economic growth, Universal free education, Uganda’s international posture,   hopeful democratic and media space that were narrow in 1980s.  To  be able to discuss the bad side of the cancer of   corruption  , nepotism and militarism in Uganda politics ,  as an  independent  person on  international level  during the  2011 election campaigns one has to be clear on who he bets his money on  . I will be able to stand up and positively criticize and support President Museveni    without any political tag. This will change things positively than confrontational politics of some people in Uganda.

16. I will not join NRM party for now but I will support President Museveni policies:

 Fellow Ugandans, I will support the policies that are good for Uganda and oppose those that are shameful to our country, like corruption and militarism and help President Museveni to expose “Political Parasites” so that by 2016 Uganda will be free from politics of patronage. I want Ugandans to remember that most of the opposition parties in Uganda and opposition Presidential aspirants in the current Ugandan politics  like Dr. Besigye, Dr. Olara Otunu, Norbert Mao, Mr. Bidandi Ssali, and some few elite , have personal hatred , unfinished business and some hate President Museveni for the sake of hatred.  I want to be above such myopic politics exhibited by some opposition politicians and wait for a neutral platform in 2016 that has no political amnesia. Some might not be there by God’s wish and might have left the scene for good politics by 2016. (I don’t wish anybody bad luck but God has prepared the journey for all us. I might also not be there but that remains the hard truth that there are some serious parasites that have caused political deficit to our country)   I don’t want to be associated with any form of violence that is being contemplated by opposition before the outcome of 2011 elections.  I will support and internationally campaign for President Museveni’s last term and I will urge all those in Ugandan politics who will be   in touch with me from today, that they should support President Museveni for the last term in the name of peace, reconciliation and national unity in our country.  
Hoping that this letter will receive considerable attention so as to expunge my name from the   Presidential aspirations of the 2011 Elections.    

I remain
Yours truly
Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga.

1. President Museveni of Uganda state House Entebbe (as President of Uganda and aspirant in 2011)
2. H.E Dr.C. Kyalimpawo (great friend) EC Eastern Uganda Region)
3. All political parties in Uganda (for their records).
4. HE Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda (New York) a great friend and Peace maker for Uganda)
5. HE Angelina Wapakhabulo   Uganda High Commissioner in Kenya (for the family of late wapakhabulo).
6. Prof. Dan Wadada Nabudere (Mbale elder and mentor for Uganda politics)
7. Hon. Captain Mike Mukula (Vice- Chairman NRM Eastern Uganda)
8. Prof. George Kirya (Eastern Uganda elder and friend)
9. Major General Kale Kayihura (As great nationalist and friend)
10. Hon. Amama Mbabazi (friend and great patriot)
11.  General Aronda Nyakarima CDF (for the army, friend and as nationalist)
12. Mrs. Miria Obote (for late Obote’s family and those whose party was robbed by Dr. Olara)
13. H.E Umukuka of Bamasaba Wilson Wamimbi (uncle and traditional leader of Bamasaba)
14. Former Chief Justice, Justice Masika (an elder and UPC member in Mbale)
15. Hon. David Wakikona MP for Mania in Bududa District my home area (Minister for Northern Uganda and relative)
16. Brigadier James Mugira Chief of Military Intelligence (CMI) (a nationalist and friend).
17. Dr.  Robert Masolo Director General of ESO (a friend and tribesman)
18. Dr. Beatrice Mukaye Wabudeya MP (Minister of Presidency)
19. H.E Ambassador Peter Otai (former Minister of Defence, a great elder and friend, UPC mentor)
20. Mr. Robert Kabushenga , Managing Director New Vision (friend and relative)
21. Mr. Deo. Matsanga (cousin brother for attention of my family)




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