1. Africa  world Media Ltd as an international lobby group for Africa,  notes with great displeasure the morass behavior of Australia , the United states  of America (USA) and Canada  at  the  concluded  Kimberley Process(KP)meeting in Jerusalem. “ In particular we loath  the actions of USA, Canada , Australia that have  manufactured controversy loaded with a vortex of ingredients equivalent to  a soap opera that has  duplicity and arrogance. This is  a reminiscent of imperial fangs that still haunts most African countries”  
  2.  We note with great disgust the sheer scale of naivety, prudishness and sardonic actions by some c member states to try to revise the conditions of KP system that were embedded in the MOU at inauguration of KP outfit. The colonial hangover that hovers over Zimbabwe is clear manifestation the ignorance of some countries about human rights. There are countries that have blown out of proportion the bilateral matter between Britain and Zimbabwe to the extent of blocking everything Zimbabwe does despite the fact that it has Government of national Unity. They have created a Sermon out of a stone on Zimbabwe.  The political machinations that we see deployed against Zimbabweans is what the world and especially Africa must stand up against.
  3. The KP process was formed to stop diamonds from rebel territories and war ravaged countries in the world from reaching the so called “clean markets” of Europe and America. It is surprising that a country that has no war like Zimbabwe was added to the list because of the mere hatred of President Mugabe by most western countries. The regime change engine has run out of steam and has resorted to tactics that can only be checked by an African inferno of nationalism that will liberate our continent from the colonial hangover of USA, Canada and Australia.  There is no more salt left in KP if it listens to  agents of doom like HRW and Global Witness whose membership we Africans know very well  that the two have  “no African Values” at all.
  4. Africa world Media Ltd  knows that the USA and its allies in the western Hemisphere  have  for many years sought  to remove the government of President Mugabe by force even when there is a Government of national unity where MDC and other parties are participants. The USA, Canada, and Australia  with the help of  the “amorphous busy bodies and agencies of disinformation like, Global Witness, Partnership Canada,  Human Rights Watch and  Amnesty International have tried to build bridges   where there are no rivers on Zimbabwe image abroad”.  Worst conditions of mining exist elsewhere in the world like Chile but have not been discussed by any of the so called human Rights defenders like HRW, GW, PC, and AI.
  5. Africa World Media Ltd is concerned that the same countries that helped to heap sanctions on Zimbabwe since 1997 have not realized that the citizens of this country are the ones that have suffered and are suffering from the targeted sanctions that have hit this great nation of Zimbabwe. We wonder why Human Rights Watch has not criticized the targeted sanctions since the same targeted sanctions hurt the Human rights of the people of Zimbabwe. The USA and its allies have created an “echo similar to that of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who waged endless war while writing stoic meditations”.” On one hand they want Zimbabwe to move in a direction of international community with dignity and on the other they want to strangulate the citizens of Zimbabwe by denying them their rights to exist as a state in civilized nations”.  The answer to this entire dilemma   is simply double standards of international conspiracy.
  6. Africa world Media Ltd, further notes  that  there are  countries that are  still using  ancient skills of policing African countries on matters of democracy and human rights.  We note that USA and Australia have under estimated the changes and transformation that the continent of Africa has gone through in the last 50 years. Africa has grown from the age of slavery to the growth of democracy with changes that have swept the stone Aged politics away and replaced it with a black   President in the USA who is a descendant of Africa.   This is how Africa has grown at the age of 50 as a continent and therefore not a baby of Australia and USA to molest at all international levels and meetings.
  7.  Africa world Media Ltd, contents that diamonds are hard to get and the conditions where diamonds are dug world over are tough and similar to those in Marange diamond fields of Zimbabwe.  God created tough conditions to make it difficult or almost very impossible to obtain diamonds even if it were to be in USA.  That is why the USA is very keen to regime Zimbabwe leadership in order to lay their hands on the resources of the people of Zimbabwe through international media campaign. It is not human rights issue at stake here but just sheer scale of hatred for the Government of President Mugabe and the suffering people of Zimbabwe.  It is a matter of resources that has made the USA and Australia shout louder than those countries that comprise Kimberley Process.
  8. The makers and designers of the KP were clear in their terms of reference that have nothing to do with Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not at war with anybody like in Somalia or Liberia or DRC where the some Big Brother countries who gathered in Jerusalem helped to start.   Kimberley Process should not be manipulated by the USA and Australia.  To equate African standards with those of mines in USA or Australia is like traveling the distance between Mars and Venus. “Human Rights abuses against the Aborigines natives of Australia are being meted on a daily basis with impunity and Human Rights Watch has not written to call for a ban on Australia food or mining like it does on anything happening on Zimbabwe”.   The Aborigines of Australia who dig in mines are less paid, forced to dig in their own country that was occupied by racists and yet Australia comes to world stage to talk about human rights abuses!
  9.  It is on this basis that those who want to accuse Zimbabwe of not meeting the conditions in Marange diamond fields should examine their own positions. Those countries trying to do so must be extremely careful when raising issues that touch Human rights in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. The current voting pattern in American Mid- Term elections and results  shows President Obama how racial bigotry is still alive and  present in the 21st Century  USA.  It is now a fact that some sections of the Australian and the USA populations hate anything that is African and black.  It tells us that anything coming from Africa has a bad name yet it is African resources that helped to build the metros of Europe.
  10. Zimbabwe needs food, medicine, schools, roads, electricity, and petrol just to mention but a few, which can be obtained by selling their God given resources like Diamonds. Zimbabwean citizens don’t e at Human Rights but need shelter, clothing, food, which are basic needs of Human beings worldwide. The emphasis on human rights at the expense of the dying people of Zimbabwe is a sad story filled with a vortex of soap opera of International conspiracy used by those countries that have “weather spoon methodology of governance”.
  11. Africa world Media Ltd supports AAG of Mr. Supa Mandiwanzira in their statements and in reaffirming that Zimbabwe has a right to its resources and we further support the statement by the Minister of Finance of Zimbabwe that it is better to sell the diamonds officially to get money to the government than to lose it to the smugglers where it could end in the hands of proscribed organizations in the world  If the KP has failed to resolve the matter in Jerusalem where Jesus ended his journey then let Zimbabwe do like it has done before by calling on other countries like India , China and other interested buyers in  Britain  and the world who want diamonds and sell their Diamonds. There are many companies in Britain and Europe that want diamonds and have no room for USA and Australian   neo-colonial hangover on Zimbabwe.
  12. We therefore urge KP to allow Zimbabwe to sell their diamonds under the conditions that they set instead of listening to clumsy excuses of those who commit more human rights  abuses in their own backyards like Australia(Aborigines) , USA(blacks and Latinos) and Canada( Asians and Blacks).  It is fruitless to seek a paper certificate when the Diamonds can be sold without one in countries that have no hatred against Zimbabwe.
  13. We want to tell Zimbabwean brothers and sisters that an African lobby group has now returned on the scene to voluntarily defend Zimbabwean government, President Mugabe, and citizens of Zimbabwe. We want to rebrand the image of Zimbabwe and the legacy of President Mugabe.  So from now onwards for every word that Global witness and other international NGOS smear and doctor about Zimbabwe we shall counter it with effective rebuttals. We had thought that these imperial agencies would give Zimbabwe a chance after President Mbeki’s brokered Dialogue that helped to bring an inclusive government of MDC, ZANU –PF but it looks like imperialists never learn lessons.   




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Name:David Nyekorach - Matsanga (PhD)
Work: Publisher, Owner, Chairman of Africa World Media Ltd Specialist: Political Science, African History, Governance, Democrary, Great Lakes Region, Conflict Resolution, Media Impact on Africa, International Management and Lobby work
Location: London, Surrey UK

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