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25th May 2011 was a great day for me. Africa celebrated Africa Liberation day. I attended this year’s celebrations in the Namibian capital Windhoek. It was declared a public holiday and Namibians enjoyed a day off from there busy activities in a country whose population is equivalent to that of Kampala City. I went to Namibia to lobby SADC leaders on Libyan dialogue and African withdrawal from the ICC.  Libya and ICC made the integral part of my travel and to those who had thought I could not continue with my work and lobby on ICC I want to assure you that I will deliver Africa out of ICC in July 2011, when African Heads of state meet in their annual meeting Equatorial Guinea.

I have made it clear that I will not rest until I prove to the international community that ICC flawed all investigations in the Kenyan cases and other African cases before the court. Already I have been vindicated after Moreno Ocampo openly said that he needs fresh investigations in Kenya situation and has accused the government of Kenya of frustrating his investigations.

I wonder which investigations when ICC said it had concluded the Kenyan investigations in December 2010! Those who have always called me names can see for themselves the shoddy job that Ocampo has done in Africa. Ocampo has killed African victims twice through flawed investigations. It is the same with the Libyan case where he has already conducted an imaginary one sided investigation.

The second mission and purpose of my Windhoek trip was, to get the African Union backing on dialogue for the Libyan situation. I want to thank the Ugandan government and especially the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Sam Kutesa who has listened to our position and complaints on Libya.  I am reliably told that, the AU has embarked on the proper route of asking for an audit report of the resolution 1973 from the UN Security Council.

My passion for a conflict free Africa encouraged me to travel to this beautiful nation in the South Western part of Africa where several SADC heads of states had gathered at the summit for the past two weeks. Indeed my contribution to that dialogue has been embraced by the AU meeting that sat in Ethiopia at the same time last week.  That is what one calls hard lobby.

As I enjoyed the hospitality of my hosts in Windhoek, the question on my mind was how dialogue would be achieved in Libya. I sat in my room in one of the best Hotels in Namibia called Safari Hotel (where all major conferences are held) wondering how the question of Libya and how Africa could come to the rescue of this country Libya. The Libyan situation started haunting me as an African patriot.  It is now clear that France has replaced other western nations as an enemy and frontrunner for regime change in Africa.  

I don’t and I will never agree with the French or UN on Ivory Coast because what was done in Ivory Coast was unconstitutional for constitutionalism in Africa. Imposing a leader and a foreigner on the real inhabitants is an accident in waiting for Ivory Coast. That is the conclusion that came to my mind after my meeting with senior officials from many SADC countries and with one senior head of state who had attended the SADC meeting in Windhoek. It emerged that Africa is under the radar of colonial legacy and French machinations which have replaced containment with brutality of military intervention.

After hearing all these painful revelations I decided to go for a drink to refresh my memory before tackling my second puzzle of South Africa and President Zuma’s ambivalent operations in Africa and Libya. I made up my mind that I will speak out through this article on how President Zuma is helping regime change in Africa especially on Libya and Zimbabwe.   President Zuma’s popularity at home is dropping at the highest rate and he has a rebellion brewing in ANC supported by White militants who control the economy of Southern Africa. He has decided to play ball with the western nations hoping that they will come to his rescue when the social tide of North Africa begins to bite the government of South Africa soon.

When I left Windhoek on my way back home I decided that I will publish my views on how a Gabonese Chairman of Africa Commission at AU Dr. Jean Ping has himself under the French influence failed to speak louder on Libya. I made it a point that I will tell the world that South Africa was liberated with the help of the millions of US dollars that Gaddafi personally poured to ANC fighters. Gaddafi gave ANC arms, military training bases, and other logistical support in their fight against Apartheid regime.  South Africa should not ditch Gaddafi because of Gaddafi contribution in the Liberation of Africa.

I was also shocked by the many revelations that I recorded in Namibia about President Zuma’s covert and overt operations on Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa. President Zuma is pretending to tell the world that he solving the Zimbabwe crisis while in actual sense he is part of the confusion not the solution to the crisis that has engulfed the southern nation for 13 years. His statements that I have seen in writing about Zimbabwe are different with those that he expresses when mediating with both sides of the crisis in Zimbabwe. This is a dangerous situation and could plunge the country into crisis. It is common knowledge in South Africa that President Zuma wants President Mugabe and Libyan leaders to go so as to gain the big brother protection from the Mulemas (Youth League) who have vowed to defeat him mercilessly in the coming elections.

The Africa day however, was blessed with my meeting with two foreign ministers from SADC who added more revelations about South Africa’s behavior on Libya and Ivory Coast. I was very terrified to hear the tales of a leader whose moral obligation has dwindled and his dwarfed knowledge on conflict resolution might escalate the Libyan crisis further. President Zuma and AU Chairman Dr. Jean Ping are French conduits of regime change against several countries in Africa notably Zimbabwe and Libya.  Many countries under the radar system of Social change should be weary of the dual African statesmen.  

President Zuma’s mission to Libya this week is to confuse the leadership of Libya to hand themselves to the altar for slaughter through the ICC organized syndicate of Moreno Ocampo. There is nothing that he can bring to the Libyan crisis as he is already compromised. What solution can he give when he has already endorsed ICC move by cutting all ties with Libya? The two powerful foreign ministers of SADC that I met on the side lines of the conference expressed the same views like, but were not very willing to speak freely like I have done on this matter in this article.
I have come to a conclusion that President Zuma was out to clean his image by sacrificing Libya to the altar of imperial machine spearheaded by France.  If that is not the reason then, why did he support the UN resolution 1973 which authorized use of force and killing of civilians instead of protecting them? Why then pretend to be the mediator by going to Libya to purportedly talking to President Gaddafi when the same South Africa, a member of African Union supported the UN resolution 1973 with its stomach and feet at the UN Security Council?

I have stated my facts and I want to go deeper into how President Zuma and the chairman of African Union Commission (AU) are working in concert with France to change leadership in Zimbabwe and Libya at the same time. Last week somebody in South Africa paid for a private jet for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe to visit Gabon to persuade President Ali Bongo to support an anticipated UN resolution compelling President Mugabe not to hold elections this year. It is up to Zimbabweans to see for themselves the damage that Zuma is doing in their crisis. 

While this is happening the same chief Mediator of Zimbabwe crisis and now Libya mediation (President Zuma) with the help of South Africa membership of UN Security Council is already preparing to take the matter of Zimbabwe before the Security Council if President Mugabe rejects the suggestions of holding elections next year 2012. The same Chief Mediator together with some powerful Zimbabweans based in South Africa (evidence obtained), under the stewardship of one former British Conservative Minister is at the centre of the Zimbabwe and Libyan saga. They are financially benefiting from the lucrative deals of supplying arms while people who want peace in Zimbabwe and Libya are suffering.  The evidence we have collected points back to the French connection that wants to extend its operations beyond Libya into Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Kenya. The ring and chain of French operators are many and we shall name one by one in each country of Africa. 

Matters on Libya were made worse at the G8 when the entire European countries refused dialogue and decided to increase military support and target Gaddafi. Already the US has unilaterally frozen and distributed $30billion dollars of Libyan money to Libyan rebels through the purchase of arms via Qatar and other middle-east countries for an escalation of the Conflict. Serious intelligence available indicates that President Zuma through his French Arms dealers has been asked to deliver South African arms to Libyan rebels in Benghazi. This goes to show how confused South Africa is on the issue of Libya.

On 28th March 2011 President Obama in his address told the world that he would not seek the overthrow or target Gaddafi but will give support to NATO under resolution 1973. This has since changed and the daily bombardment of Libyan territory has shown it is the regime change that the USA had in mind when forcing the UN Security Council to pass resolution 1973. The double standards that President Museveni talked of in his message to the world about USA have now shown its ugly face in Libya and are going to show another ugly face through President Zuma on Zimbabwe in months to come.

President Zuma and African Union Commission Chairman Dr. Jean Ping (from Gabon another UN Security Council member) made African Union to stoically wear the scars of the grand neo- colonialism and imperialism that we see taking shape on the continent of Africa. This has left Africa and its inhabitants in a minefield and battlefield of a cruel, inhuman and degrading dumping place for bad and rotten foreign policies of European Union and USA.

I am one African who has not stumbled and continued to swim in the crocodile infested waters of politics of Africa without fear and my Pan African spirit will never stagger on this route that I have embarked on. I respect President Zuma and Chairman Dr. Jean Ping as individuals but their actions that they have exhibited on Libya and Zimbabwe have given me no room for intellectual comfort as an African.

The writing is on the wall and I want to predict to all my readers that the Mediterranean route where the bulk of trade passes through is being turned into a battle field that will create two states or several clans out of Libya and piracy similar to that of Somalia around the Gulf of Eden and Indian Ocean. NATO bombings like in Afghanistan will only a wounded country bleeding in the sea and create more Arab nationalism in the region that will turn to eat the western nation.  

President Zuma must lead Africa from the brain not from the dubious French arms deals that are being shipped with South African certification into Libya. AU must demonstrate their willingness of having a mechanism that supports peace not military operations that have no exit strategy like the Libyan chaos.

Therefore my position on ICC since 2004 will prove that African situation has been pulverized by the Western countries through ICC and regime change scenarios that we see in Kenya and Libya and shortly in Zimbabwe.  I have now tabled a discussion and proof that ICC has been used by the west to tame Africa. I have all along told the world that ICC conducted flawed investigations in Kenya, Sudan, and will conduct zero investigations in Libya. These tactics help to dismember countries in Africa and retards the development of constitutionalism in Africa. 
At least history will not judge me harshly as an African who kept on saying the same thing on ICC and Libya but if that history is properly written by historians it will show that I told the world that Libya will end up back to the old days of Carthage. Time will tell!


The writer is a Pan- African and conflict resolution expert

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